The people vs. The Shake Weight for Men

The plaintiff: Vonte. I will represent the people here.

The Defendant: The Shake Weight for Men

I received delivery of my Shake Weight end of January. As I would come to learn the men’s version comes without dvd. Inbox is: The Shake Weight, warranty card (5 years), f.a.q. page, and a small 8 by 11′  poster-like brochure which consists of half, four really wrong-looking exercises, (double-handed front, single-handed side to side , double-handed side to side front, and double-handed behind the head).  The other half a correct and incorrect use photo.  Using three out of the four exercises, excluding the double-handed side to side from my routine (it just felt wrong, like nothing would come from it), for six minutes a day, six days a week for a month.  Week 1 all I could tell you is that my elbows were really tired after each workout the feeling would subside quickly but you can feel the burn as early as the first two days depending on how hard you move the weight up, and down.  Week 2 my arms and elbows still feel tight during exercises although i must say i still wish there was a video i could follow along with to truly tell if I am doing this right.  Week 3 I can start to feel and see difference my arms seem to fill my work shirts a little bit more, feel a little bit tighter.  Week 4 and Verdict, not guilty, four weeks in and I can tell you six minutes a day seems to make a difference, my muscles feel tighter  and dare I say Stronger.  The Shake Weight for men passes with a not guilty verdict, I am actually going to keep on with these exercises, and report back if I have any new results.-  Vonte

All I have to say is it looks gay.  – Ky

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