3rd date, Let me see your credit score!

Let’s jump into a relationship past the initial dating phase (going steady if you will) in 2010, your moving in together maybe buying a car. Is this the right time to find out one of you has jacked up credit? Should that even be an issue in a relationship? If your score is under 600 you would most likely not have a credit card nor qualify for one, the problem there lies, say if you wanted to rent a car, the deposit requires a major credit card. Such a thing could put a hinder on a nice couple’s vacation. Heck maybe your just trying to furnish your new apartment a good credit score could mean the difference between getting your needs in one shot and out-of-pocket less, or dropping all your cash down with nothing less for unseen emergencies. Let’s say you go as far to getting married, joint accounts, home buying. These things should matter right? I have American Express sending me offers and you have Nextel calling the house all hours of the night. Now if your credit is bad but you’re working on it then no problem, but at a certain point in a relationship is a current credit score a must?  Vonte.

Well I have to agree with Vonte on this one.  If you don’t have the best money situation, your partner should know if you are living together.  If not, it’s none of their business until you make that step.  I do think if you are working on your credit and buying or renting together, you should be prepared to offer up a little more cash since the person you are with is probably going to have to sign on the dotted line.  Either way, it should not be a surprise to your mate.  That’s just rude.  Ky.


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