UGG. Those Boots

Ky vs Vonte

Ugg. Those boots.

From what I understand UGG Boots have been around for some time, and in early 2000 they bumped their way into fashion, made of sheepskin and lined with wool, yes I get it they’re comfortable, you can wear them without socks even. I am so tired of seeing them, ladies are wearing them with: sweatpants, jeans, tights, and skirts, to the mall, work, the movies, and to school. It’s like you’re not even trying anymore, UGG Boots have become the cold weather flip-flop, and unless you have a UGG coat  (no such) of the same color and material it’s just being lazy and sure everyone entitled to their lazy days it just seems like laziness is becoming normal. Put the UGG Boots away find something, anything else to put on your feet, and lastly, I don’t care if they are unisex or not, men do not ever (not even if your feet are on fire and the boots are filled with water) ever put them on. (I’ve seen it with my own eyes, not making this up). Vonte.

Ky Says:

Ok shut the front door!  Are we really having this discussion?  In the 1920’s and 30’s a man who was not a loser wore a designer suit and a hat wherever he went and shaved and did their hair.  Now you guys have what’s called the rugged look (aka I only shave and cut my hair when I remember), that consists of constant jeans, sneakers, and t-shirts.

We get dressed up for a date, you wear the same thing.  You might put on a collared shirt but that’s it.  Don’t women have enough to do to please you guys?  Now we have to wear heels everyday?  I know for a fact that my counterpart also disapproves of flip-flops and any other flat shoes.  Well guess what?  Too bad!  Until you guys improve, you are lucky all we are doing is wearing freakin UGGs.  We should be hairy and wearing sloppy clothes, burping and forgetting your birthdays.  Give me a break!

UPDATE: Flat shoes are on my approved list now, within the last few years women’s jeans have changed for the better.  I do still hate flip-flops and now UGG’s are top of the list.  I shot a  short video of people walking by, count the number of UGG boots you see in a two-minute period. (there was a break in the taping and the one time I turned off the camera a group of four wearing UGGs walked by, I don’t make this stuff up)-Vonte

UPDATE 2: Experts debate dangers of wearing popular sheepskin boots.

What do you think about UGG’S?  Leave a comment!


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