And the Tiger goes too…

Kat Stacks.  This girl claims to have ran through your favorite rappers (yours not mine) Young Money, Weezy, Nelly etc. Stacks has taken it further than Superhead, with the digital age and YouTube, she’s can be seen talking about size, how much she was paid, how whack their house was, oh and she even put a few rappers phone numbers out there.  Now I’m not sure if this girl is truly official or just an attention whore, but as she says in one of her videos there is no such thing as bad publicity.

You have to hear for yourself, listening to this girl talk reminds me of why I wish people out there as well-educated as rapper Luke (formerly of 2 Live Crew) should not be allowed to speak to media, or anywhere people gather.  Check out the audio of her being confronted by Nelly (who is claiming she is lying) and decide for your self. -Vonte

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