Casio Brightens your life in 2010

Casio G-Shock GA110 Series

Accessories are some of my Favorite big boy toys, leaving equal space for gadgets, games, and cars of course.  Well hopefully if you’ve been keeping up with the blog, you have re-introduced yourself to, or stumbled into the world of Casio, they seem to be beating the streets heavy this year and today’s entry is nothing short, The G-Shock GA110 Series will even help you learn to tell time a little better, yes that’s right it has an analog and digital display, so by all means turn  the digital  to 24hrs and impress those people out there who think they are so much better than you.

Seriously though these watches are Based on what Casio calls the X-Large Ana-Digi, shock resistant, 200 meters water-resistant, and 1/100th second stopwatch available in Hyper Colors, you gotta love it, only available at select Casio retailers but they are our there now, three of the solid colors are available at Casio’s us website. Two words Get some. -Vonte


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