McChrystal Gets the Boot!

So yesterday General McChrystal, a decorated West Point General and commander of the war in Afganastan got the boot by the president. This came after him publicly criticizing the president’s policies and calling Vice President Joe Biden questionable names. It just goes to show you, just because your boss is a minority, doesn’t mean they won’t fire you white boy! Also, learn to talk about your boss in private only, like the rest of us jeesh!

So since he no longer has a job, I came up with these ways for him to use his uniform for the good of fashion.

#1Military Vogue March 2010 8

donate your belt to cinch in a flowy dress for summer and fall in khaki and green colors.

#2Military Vogue March 2010 6

add jewels to your hat for a cool military chic style. i like a good broach.

#3Men's military trend on the runway: Autumn (Fall)/Winter 2009-2010

Trick out your military jacket with some fur (hopefully faux fur) and add a little Diddy to your fall.

#4Socks and heels: picture inspiration

Use your socks for the over the knee trend with pumps, boots and a skirt or a romper.

So thanks for your uniform. Now shut up!- Ky

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