Mel Gibson done lost his mind?

Mel Gibson is in the news again. Shooting off his mouth again. Listen people he’s not crazy he’s just preparing for Lethal Weapon 5, you know Riggs is wild, you’ve seen the movies, he loses everything he cares about. The new movie is going to be great. Heck Gibson has been practicing the role for years now, I even hear he’s going to take a stand on Hip-Hop and shoot Soulja Boy in the face. (in the face y’all)

Seriously though is Gibson crazy? I don’t know he was called racist before and Whoopi Goldberg stood up for him (she’s also been accused of only working with whites) I think he’s just excentric and a really bad drunk. Does he need to just shut up yeah, I’d even go as far as to say a representative from each of those he offended should be able to get one good punch in. To me, these audio tapes sound a lil’ suspect. I won’t defend either side of the argument, it just seems real convenient, his wife seems to be able to record audio, hold a baby, get hit, and narrate. -Vonte

Well I thought Mel was cool for taking a stand and telling the true story of Jesus in Passion of the Christ, but it just turns out he doesn’t like Jews, or Black people, or anyone. Is he in the Clan? He may be a bad drunk but its showing he’s also a bigot and maybe (gasp) a republican. He needs to shut up and find Jesus for real. And as far as Leathal Weapon? There is nothing like some old has beens (this includes you Nick Cage) trying to make an action movie. If you need a stunt double for walking fast, it may be time to retire. -Ky


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