Relationship Drama: Do the Pretty girls get away with more?

Picture it, you’re a guy.  You have a date with a girl.  You go pick her up, and she makes you wait an hour, missing your reservations.  At dinner, she never stops talking about herself, and what little conversation you have is not what you would consider intelligent or interesting, and  to top it off she then mentions her birthday is next week and she really likes Chanel.

Would you go out with this girl again if she was an average chic?  How about if she was drop dead gorgeous and had a body like Rosa Acosta?

In movies like Some Kind of Wonderful, Sixteen Candles,  and Mean Girls, people (male and female) subject themselves to endless abuse for the popular pretty people.   Does this apply to real life?  I think so.

My belief is that people will torture others as long as the other party is willing.  That torture is easier with someone who’s easy on the eyes.  Case in point, you never see the hot chic at the office working overtime or on a crappy project unless she wants to.  If a guy is beautiful, he doesn’t have to make as much money to get a certain caliber of girl.

Do you have a friend who is always arguing with their significant other, or seems to be bossed around by them but they keep going back for more?  Chances are, that friend’s partner is beautiful or your friend is ugly.  Yep I said it.  If an ugly person lands a pretty person, they may be subjected to more drama and they take it because well, they could be waking up to another ugly.  Two pretty people are mad because the other won’t concede.

So is it right to boss men around, make crazy demands, argue endlessly, expect crazy expensive gifts and be all around mean.  No, but does it work?, Yes.  So pretty, mean girls do your thing but keep it within reigns, there is karma. -Ky-

Would I be more willing to put up with the drama? In the aforementioned scenario, Yes my colleague is right, people male and female would put up with just  a little more drama bull-mess, but let’s be honest! there is a point, every person has a boiling point, for some people it is easier to reach than it is for others.

As I’ve grown I’ll be honest and say I’ve lost my patients I can’t be as easy-going as before, too many people have taken advantage of my kindness. lets look at Halle Berry to anyone she was married to, Jay Z to Beyoncé, and (if your old enough) Kadeem Hardison to Chante Moore, two of those three have had at least one failed relationship, sounds like boiling point to me.

You see the one major flaw about pretty people is they already think the world revolves around them, so you damn right I’d put up with it because (from a male standpoint) it a great story to tell your friends, walk in a room and command it (like yes she’s with me, and yes I have done it all and will do it again tonight).

So you go ahead and pop off, bring me to my boiling point, I’ll leave that relationship with my trophies (pictures, videos, and stories) pack my stuff and leave wether it fits in a suitcase or a truck, I’m Gone. -Vonte-

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