Bishop Eddie Long.. You’ve just won the Tiger Woods Award

Pastor of  The New Birth Ministry Baptist Church.

For those who do not know the “Tiger” goes to those of you out there wildly committing infidelity be you married (like the Pastor here) or just out of control (like Kat Stacks). This weeks winner is a very special character, he is being accused of doing deeds that would land him on NBC’s To Catch A predator, considering he mentored some of the young men before the age of legal consent in Atlanta (16).  On September 21, and 22nd three separate lawsuits were filled against Pastor Long alleging that he coerced three separate young men into a sexual relationship with him. They claim Long brought them cars and other gifts. One in particular claims that when the pastor took him on trips out of the country that they even shared a bed.

This from a man whom hosted Anti-Gay rally’s and stated that gay people are children of the devil. A messenger of god as I would assume he has said at one time or another, well it takes a special kind of pervert to even “quote the Holy Scripture to justify and support his sexual activity.

Bishop this one is for you -Vonte *special thanks to Lanell and Diddy*

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