Come on Kanye..


Kanye's banned album cover


Mr. West your really buggin with this one, I respect what you’re trying to say its your vision and you don’t make you records for “Wal-Mart” I will even take it further and say that you don’t make your music with children or pre-teens in mind, that’s fine most music not on the Walt Disney label isn’t anyway, and consumers need to realize that.

But what is wrong with this picture? First Kanye I gonna pull the race card, there is no way they will let and album (especially from you) come out with images of a black man doing what looks to be a white angel at first look, West says the image is a ” phoenix”, as I did later realize the spotted tail.

Lastly you have nudity, alcohol and sex all in one image that you want to use as the cover of an album. Kanye! a 2 Live Crew album back in the day had one banned strip across all of the booty’s on the album cover, to do such on your cover it would just be grayed out.

Put that picture in the fold, and take you calm down brother pills. Your vision will still be out there and as the pills take effect you will actually see that you really did try to put breast, sex, and alcohol uncensored on an album cover. Now Ye does not that Nirvana had a naked human being on a cover so I’m assuming he’s referring to the naked baby, and while babies naked on tv especially commercials is accepted (not by me) you went too far. -Vonte

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