I’m tired of talking about it, Now its time to stand up

(before we start please excuse what grammatical errors I may have missed I suffer from dyslexia)

Writer Melinda Tankard Reist. and some others started a petition against Kanye West’s “Monster” video stating “I’m not interested at all in going after Kanye West for the sake of it. That would be very boring. It specifically relates to the carnival of carnage he has created, the ‘rape scenario set to a soundtrack’,  the idea that torture porn is sexy. We are targeting what he has created and the message it sends and the harm this causes.”

As Martin would say “get ta stepping” I am  sick of this, I blog about this constantly, and I think it is now time for us to stand up. I haven’t seen one non-offensive Lady GaGa video, I keep talking about her VMA performance which I will remind you is live compared to music video shows, she has themes of suicide she hangs herself at the end of the performance, blood, and she rolled around on stage in a wheelchair. Nobody says anything but praise about her performances, she’s so “original” and “artistic.” Charlie Sheen (whom is now been let go from “Two and a Half men” has been given more coverage and publicity than Kanye has ever had for doing  much worst that telling some artist she wasn’t better than Beyonce. People! Charlie did an “eight-ball” of crack, publicly slammed his producers and there families calling there wives and children ugly, Has porn stars watching over his children, and has been on every talk show he wanted promoting his message, I’ve seen regular people catch cases for anyone of those offenses, while Mr. West was shunned in the media.

There are talks that MTV banned the video (which they say they have yet to do so) banning this video shouldn’t even be considered the two number one shows on MTV promote domestic violence, Snooki of Jersey Shore has been punched in the face by a man at least once, Teen Mom’s Amber Portwood was filmed beating on her boyfriend, These shows aren’t even live, recorded TV yet it still airs and these people are now instant celebrities, glorified for negativity. Step it up people turn these shows off and petition to have the inequality in media stopped, if it’s so offensive ban it all.

Kanye just put GaGa in every video, album cover. You do that, then it will air and you’ll be praised. -Vonte


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