iPhone 4S Available Oct.14th

And the S is for speed, but you’ve probably guessed that already, so here’s the rundown according to Endadget’s live blog. The 4S will be both GSM and CDMA technologies in on handset (should make it capable of going LTE or 4G), on the outside to the eyes not much has changed but its all brand new under the glass, apples A5 chip, and a dual core processor 2x as fast the CPU to the iPhone 4 dual core graphics, so 7x faster graphics processing, an eight megapixel camera with and updated lens and intelligent features like face capture.

1080p video with video stabilization, updated notifications with iOS 5 which will also be pushed as to the 4 and 3GS iPhones, so they have cleaned up the obtrusive blue label to and android like pull-down from the top of the screen. an advanced voice activated feature called Siri, you can ask it about today’s forecast. pre-orders start Oct. 7th no news so far of the phantom iPhone 5. I’m still excited for the new iOS, and what really “grinds my Gears” (Family Guy reference) is like the previous “S” model you get the speeds but your phone will look the same “4S” or not, who can do something like that? only the people at Cupertino. That said some real cool updates and a new entry to the current a lower priced 8GB iPhone 4, to go with the 16 and 32GB models. So there it is, still a buy for all the cool features if you have been waiting and for you iPhone 4 owners if you’ve been waiting to get more from your device the the 4S is a good upgrade.-Vonte

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