In-between Cuts – Wahl 5 Star Razor/Edger


It’s been less than a week since your shape-up but more than enough time for stubble to show, and wouldn’t it figure there is a fresh concert or show coming up and well you want to look you best. A man is less of a man without his tools and in your tool kit you should have a Razor Edger, I’ve been using this for at least 8 months now only in-between cuts when needed and it does the job every time, when I need to clean up the goatee, neck or sideburns I’m using the Razor Edger.

Small, lightweight with a small blade and runs quiet. The first thing you want to do when you pull this out of the package is read the instructions on how to use the included blade adjust tool (I even did a YouTube search on blade adjusting) and make that adjustment for the perfect lines then plug it in and you’re in business, the package even includes  3 T-shaped attachments for beard trimming. -Vonte

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