A Note to the Manufacuters.. You have to do better

News headlines read “Riot erupts at Florida Mall during Nike All Star collection sneaker release event” Bothers me every time I see a headline like this, and only because it’s a problem that in this day and age can be easily solved, just sell it online.

I totally understand how e-commerce business and actual store retail are usually two different entities but here is my beef; fights, riots, and murders over sneakers, iPhones, games consoles, or any electronics on Black Friday isn’t new news, where not just hearing about this, you can go back into headlines 20 years and find a story on the topic. the truth is a majority of the people their in line aren’t there to cause or join into any violence, but let someone try to cut in line or the store not have enough for the crowd they let brew outside, and someone is going to lose there cool. To me the sneaker manufacturers are the worse offenders because they often make limited edition, or quick strike launches that once sold may never be replenished.

To that I say take responsibility you and your select retailers sell product like that online; no lines, no trouble, and still first come first serve, still moving your product on launch day. I feel you have as much to do with the situation as do the retailers involved, (whom don’t always know the quantity they are going to receive or if the shipment will arrive in full on time) for argument sake lets take the case of the last few iPhone launch’s where I will say at least that company put forth the effort whilst the lines where still in the stores many folks did the smart thing and just pre-ordered it on-line had it delivered to their door step on launch day no line, no wait and this is a product that is still replenished today at all of it various retailers.

Now look at a shoe like the Nike Air Yeeyz’s (any of the two launches) limited pairs nationwide never to be replenished in stock and to this day don’t sell for under $600 dollars at least 2nd hand. Now add to that your only store that will carry the Yeezy’s for fifty or more miles has a crowd of 200+, eight hours before it opens with more hopefuls wishing they will be able to wake up and just walk into the store the morning of, only to find out that there are only 45 pairs going to said location.

Take that same scenario and put then on (in this case) Nike’s website, midnight launch day sell them till there sold and when done it’s as simple as “no longer in stock”  can’t fight a website, has actually happened to me for a Jordan launch and I see that and say “damn I should have known better” and then off the to next thing, it’s that simple.- Vonte

headlines: fox news

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