You Be The Judge

The fuzzy photo above is taken directly from Urban Outfitter website and is the stroke of topic today, as I realize you won’t really be able to see the shirt I have attached a link to the actual site so you can have a look for yourself and decide.

The tee with a header that reads Pure Hip Hop Nutrition Facts has been labelled “another racist shirt from Urban Outfitters”, I used to work for a now debunked company that sold novelty tee’s amongst other items, the tee is meant to be a nutrition label of sorts for hip hop and where you can see that the maker tried to follow a normal label which wouldn’t normally apply to Hip Hop, the shirt tries to take a sort of cool/hip comedic approach (not my opinion just my observation). The reason we’re talking about this is because of the last line in label which states “Protein 0g Get some chicken” and I want to put my foot out there and say I don’t see the problem.

It reads as a statement “protein zero grams” included (sentence pause) if you want protein get some chicken. Here’s why I don’t want to call this racist Hip Hop transcends race it sells all over the world to many different races and creeds it’s not just a black thing. Not to make light of or deny that there is racism and sexism in everything from fashion to politics I just don’t see it here and have in fact seen more ignorant t-shirts worn by people in many places. I want to know what you think.-Vonte

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