Hold up a second, let’s think about this


First let me say as a man when this divorce is final I’m moving to Hollywood or wherever Paula lives, but let’s think about this media reports it’s because of Robin’s infidelity. These celebrities these aren’t normal couples Paula does movies for a living with love scenes, spends months away at a time (acting) as a couple with another actor kissing, holding, laying with sometimes naked or topless with someone else. So we look at photos of Robin Thicke touching some fans ass


And “wow really” is what we say. You ever stop to think that all those people who say Halle Berry is crazy just couldn’t take it when the movie comes out and she’s banging Billy Bob that it might just really bug you. I mean let’s be real when it comes to your significant others occupation you know what you’re getting into but how would it fell to you to have something like that on tape? Them kissing and playing house with someone else for a whole TV season or a feature film with illicit details? Isn’t that how a relationship starts? Spending quality time with someone? I feel in the case of actor/actress and (anyone) maybe it’s not fair to judge. And maybe it shouldn’t even be big news when marriages fail or long-term couples break up.

I feel like for all the money they make (good actors/actress’s) there doomed to bruised relationships and good job to those who make it work.  Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie won’t do love scenes with anyone else. I wonder why that is? (Sarcastically)



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