Politics.. 1st I don’t give a flux what you think


Truth is we are always going to differ in opinions that’s why we are the nation we are, and I really hate talking politics because of that reason but let’s get something straight. This world and race relations will always be blurred lines, as of late Russia and the opinions of the people siding with president Vladimir Putin has really boiled my blood and lets face it, if your out there saying that President Barack Obama is a weak president you are siding with Putin.  Lets talk about the Russian federation  one of the most constantly disrespectful countries the topic of many a movie, game, or book in which America must triumph over before it turns into a feel good story. Believe that Vladimir gives no flux about Americans and I’m sure thinks even less of an African-American man (the latter lines up with some of your beliefs about our current president in the white house) Russia is harboring NSA leaker Edward Snowdon and let me just say, you can’t tell me there not beating his… to get all the secrets he’s holding (just my opinion) but if it comes out that Russia is behind the Target hack don’t say I didn’t tell you. Now he’s stepping in with the Ukraine and he’s doing it all to prove how many flux he cares about America.

Another thing you naysayers in all parties that want me as a young man and the rest of our presidents supporters to dare say Obama has done nothing (just so you can feel better) then do one thing for us before we even consider it.  Admit that George W Bush was the worst president many of us will ever remember admit he stole two elections, sat on his thumbs on September 11th then months later marched us into and unnecessary, unwinnable war then had to nerve to go on national television and tell America ‘mission accomplished” yet bring no one home. Admit that, then understand that if you didn’t like having a mixed race man as your commander and chief, in 2016 were electing a women. HRC 2016.

When we don’t stand as a nation we are all weak Russia is laughing at us along with other countries as we fight amongst ourselves about race, religion, and healthcare. let anyone speak out in Russia or North Korea like we do here about our president (I mean those really off comments) and still reside in that country.  As human beings this kind of behavior doesn’t surprise me but as a nation to publicize it for the world to see saddens me more than how people are portrayed on those phony reality shows. Get over yourself or go flux yourself.. whatever floats your boat.



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