A message to Jermey Scott and Adidas

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STOP,  or at least slow it down.  Five years ago when the collection launched you had me, it was the coolest and most original sneaker collaborations since Yamamoto and Adidas at a time when no major brands had anything new you constantly stepped up to the plate.  But your killing it now going too far its like there are so many wings and teddy bears out there that you can’t tell real from fake and house shoes from sneakers. Had to be the first pair of Teddy’s where I looked at the line like “Jeremy must be bored”, but yet the shoes kept coming.  I applaud your creativity just want you to hit the pause button, maybe it just to much of a good thing, with the exception of a few pair of Wings in my opinion  the others are kinda trashy,  that may sound harsh but I’ve seen people actually try to wear these and it just doesn’t work. -Vonte

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