I Can’t With This One..



First let’s talk TMZ, Van (from the cast) and I don’t always agree but that’s a light-hearted subject for another day, but at the end of the Bieber spot on the show he said something to the point of “oh so your telling me its okay because every teen has a racist phase”  (not exact wording) But Bravo Van and yes, so you want me to be upset with Donald Sterling, upset with Michael Richards (Cosmo Kramer of Seinfeld) but Bieber gets a pass,  because he was 15 it was a joke. Here’s how I feel. Mr. Sterling said, referring to black people “their like dogs I feed them buy them cars and homes.” Yeah fuck you, your never forgiven and you can take your confused gold digging, badly aged whore V Stiviano to the grave with you because besides a dollar amount she doesn’t know what she is and truly isn’t worth spit to look that bad at 30.

Kramer.. is a comedian, truth is once you’re at that point when comedy pays your bills most of the stuff you say shouldn’t matter trying to be funny is your job I can’t take you seriously.  That said when your being heckled by the crowd or even tormented by the paparazzi it’s still not acceptable to use a hateful slur, id actually rather you just go up and punch A motherfucker, hell You’d even get cool points for it.

Finally to Bieber and TMZ. Justin you’re not excused and defiantly not forgiven TMZ held the story because he was young and dumb, a teenager telling a joke.. he was still famous and wait he was discovered by a.. black man Usher Raymond is the reason the boy has a career tell that joke to Usher. wasn’t Isaiah Washington fired because his dumb drunk ass lost his mind and said something he shouldn’t have?  there is a line, Bieber crossed it let, so shame on you Gary of TMZ for holding on to that video. Guess he should have said something about the Torah for it to have mattered. -Vonte


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