You Want To Know What Scares Me The Most?


The court of public opinions.  Before I start this let me make a few things clear. First I don’t pretend to understand this situation at all, I can’t do full-time politics and maybe this will help you understand why, but I will admit I thought the U.S. did not negotiate with terrorist. Get past that and there is the trade of one for five?. Yo! I haven’t heard of numbers like that since I used to trade baseball cards, I hope we got something good, extra, not ever to lessen a human beings life, but a hidden secret like that rookie card with the print defect only you noticed. I would also like to say and I mean this from the bottom of my heart “thank you for serving”.  Now with those things off my chest it’s none of my business anymore I can’t change what has been done I wasn’t even evolved in the process so sergeant welcome back and I wish you the best.

Back to what scares me, I heard some of the worst things (through the media) from people, other human beings about another human then I care to understand. Here in the United States we the people are entitled to our freedom of speech and sometimes I just feel there is information we shouldn’t have, things we don’t need to know to live our life I’m not asking you to lie to us not to say that doesn’t happen just keep stuff from us. The right to voice our opinions makes us nosey and we as people can be short-tempered, easily excitable, hell mean. We protect animals, buildings, and land, Scarlett Johansson believes water has feelings yet we can pass judgment on a man released from a place were there is no watch group for any of those rights we enjoy. We fought over the treatment of foreign prisoners and how fair it is and their rights on American soil, when our people captured don’t have that luxury anywhere else.  I don’t know what Bowe Bergdahl was traded for but my first thoughts after the initial number shock and miss misunderstanding of policy was “I hope the stress of adjusting back to life doesn’t kill him, I can’t imagine what he has been through, and hey we saved one”.  As soon as it is possible media and the public will be on this man like he is Kanye West and we’ve seen Ye meltdown what’s that to a newly released P.O.W with possible PTSD?

I’ll leave you with one last example as to why the public opinion and that freedom to speech scare me, but recently here in the DMV a story about a principle coming out, brought up a group of protesters that at times have been known to show up at funerals and protest. At funerals! Can you even fathom how upsetting that is to the respective family’s and they can say whatever they want but I can’t put them in there place.. Physically.
Let us all with all of our opinions just think about who we may hurt with the things we say and do. -Vonte


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