I’ll Be A Hater. I Accept That title


Hater is a word I hear often used, and I am so f***ing tired of it. I feel like when we over use words they should die. We’ve killed the word “swag” anyone is allowed to use it now, when the truth is those who possess swag never flaunt nor speak about it. So I’ve accepted it call me a hater. So let’s talk haters: having anger towards everyone reaching success… OK I have a question for you? When did it become wrong to disagree? Have your own opinion? I will give you a couple of examples. When I am by myself away from radio I couldn’t give a damn what Future (the rapper) is doing but why am I wrong for saying he is terrible at whatever it is you people who like him think he does. I’m tired of hearing “trophy” every time I listen to the radio for more than 10 minutes. That is one of the worst records I’ve ever heard Kanye poured his heart into that damn song made it OK and “Move that doe” how do you have two rappers body you on your own track and one of them is Pharrell? He’s not even a battle rapper! He wrote “Happy”! And this is no disrespect to Pharrell, I have much love for him all of that is my opinion. Why do you care? Unless you are him the fact that I believe he sucks ass doesn’t even directly relate to you or what you’re doing?

Here in D.C. there is a debate over the Redskins team name I won’t join in, change it, don’t change it, I don’t care. (What I find funny in this argument is, Washington D.C. has a basketball team that was originally named the Washington Bullets. Must have offended a few people cause that change happened). But I digress. Local news reported on the name change story and let viewers reply via Twitter and Facebook in the argument against changing the name and government getting involved one reply stood out (and I’m paraphrasing) when did we have to be so politically correct and worry about offending people?… I’m sorry so none of the adults in your life ever told you there was a time and place for everything? In fact tell me how that works for you and yours when I show up at a family function and berate your oldest most loved relative. Or bully a young member of your family greatly.

When did we become a nation of idiots? We no longer listen we react
I don’t have to share your opinion and you have the option to try to sway me (“you don’t have all the answers Sway!”)  But at the end of the day if I don’t agree, go on with your life why waste your energy and emotion calling me A hater, I am going to be alright, right or wrong I am entitled to that opinion and you had either asked for mine or walked into my conversation if I am giving it to you. Get over yourself. There are actual hate groups out there, people who harm and kill they’re the haters.-Vonte


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