This Isn’t News


You know what I can’t stand about social media in the media? More than half of the news anchors and reporters are just really learning to use it, there is a push from network producers and higher up’s all throughout media for their people to have and actively  use Twitter , Facebook, and Instagram, amongst others in order to be more in touch with fans, increase popularity and overall viewership. Fox 5 DC shows your selfies, because that’s the news I need before I head to work.

On to the story in question (and I chose this version of the photo because I am not her mom so that would be really creepy) I am actually going to defend Facebook because there are some unknowns the biggest one for me is who actually flagged the picture?. For everything you post on FB one of your own friends or “friend of friends” can easily go by and flag it as inappropriate, it is actually more likely that is what happened to cause a FB review. Take YouTube for example there your post actually gets checked for violations before it can go live not so with Facebook photos.

Lastly, its bare ass. I feel the mom here may have done a better service for those she intended to share this with on a more private picture sharing site like Picasa or something, especially because of the content, and say what you will about all the twerking and barely clothed selfies out there, what’s considered nudity doesn’t make the cut, and by having a FB account it was actually a term you agreed to before signing up. -Vonte


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