About The Author


My co-writer and I started this as a fashion blog and fashion will still be a part of what it is but eventually my co-writer/stylist got busy and I just started ranting.  More and more now I found myself saying “what the fcuk people?” So I changed the name. And you wouldn’t know this about me but I have dyslexia. I used to consider myself a high functioning dyslexic, I’ve graduated high school and took on some college before I decided I was finished and hid my condition from everyone I have ever met I didn’t want it to define me. But that isn’t fair to what dyslexia is, and what I stand for plus many people who suffer from dyslexia have different symptoms so writing is my brain exercise and ranting is what I feel in my heart or vice versa, my brain works faster than my fingers and mouth sometimes but I’m always thinking about but the consequences of everything I say and do and I wish more people did, but then I’d have nothing to talk about. So anyway follow me on this journey if you would and I promise to always bring the real,the funny, and correct my mistakes.
Now go back and read my other posts because I think I’m pretty good. -Vonte




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