Your Not Helping


What’s new with this generation?… Sometimes I fell trying to teach the youth to be better people falls on death ears (I hope that doesn’t offend anyone I say it only to be blunt). What’s new are these idiotic challenges played out over social media. There is fire, pass out, and vaseline, and I refuse to post videos because I just feel your showing someone who may have just heard about it how to participate. We are losing this generation innocent and ignorant all to social media. They’re doing this for “likes”, “hits”, “views”, and “retweets”. Honest truth is nothing is going to stop this stupidness less of social media dropping and blocking these acts from sites, kill the hashtags, deny the videos, block anything that looks like it out of site out of mind. We’re making this as big as it is. We’re responsible for the people doing this from today on, it needs to stop. And there is no way to sugar coat that, I saw what appeared to be a failed video of the “fire challenge and wanted to share it, then I had to stop and realize doing so is keeping it relevant. I can’t blame any of the people whom have already shared a video out of concern or disbelief but, it’s not helping (words In a status will have to Do) and it’s not you alone who needs to stand up to make a difference the majority of the battle has to be won through social media the YouTubes’ Vines, Twitters, Worldstars’ and Facebooks’ need to ban that content all together and do the same for the knockout game, and fight videos. (although fight videos do eventually lead the police to someone involved, because many don’t seem to know how posting and IP addresses truly work, posting is snitching for all those who claim they don’t ) Disallowing this content is the only way to regain control. -Vonte



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