“I Made It, Mum! I’m A Grown Up


I refuse to read the stories of his death, and I say that not to sully those reporting the news, just to what people think of what suicide is, or what it means to them. I can’t pretend to know his life and his pain, whatever it may have been I can only hope he is no longer in that pain. The first time I heard of him was as Mork of “Mork and Mindy” the sheer awkwardness of his character had me from the first view I went on to love everything he did from stand-up to tv, and big screen. Must have watched Mrs. Doubtfire twenty times with my mom (that was her favorite) and if I had to choose A favorite movie it would have to be “Jack” (I’ve written about this before but I have dyslexia) and I think one of the reasons I really related to Jack is feeling awkward in school, and while his condition was physical I’d like to think, no I know it still gave me hope to watch Jack own it, made me feel my internal struggles were just that, and I had something to prove to myself and my parents that I wanted to be a grown up so fresh out of high school graduation I decided to try higher learning. Robin’s characters had a message no matter how silly they were on the outside. And for making me and possibly a generation laugh, clap, and cry, over and over I can also hope you Rest In Peace. -Vonte


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