The Dumbest $&it I’ve Ever Heard


(This is going to anger some of my friends, please understand that if you are my friend I will have your back over some random stranger every time, this post is about things I do not understand and people in the media supporting them) Shooting range instructor accidentally shot by a nine year old girl with an Uzi…

First let me get this off my chest Obama doesn’t want to take your guns Emily Miller (D.C. Author) he like many others just want to know why you need assault rifles? Your other issues are with you state (or district in your case) For the rest of you What the Fcuk are you hunting or protecting yourself against that an assault rifle or automatic weapon is needed? It’s never been about handguns.

A nine year old girl at a shooting range, on vacation shooting an Uzi, where does that even begin to make any sense? she can’t even have a weapon until she’s 18. In what situation would an Uzi be required? I won’t even speak ill of her because she’s 9 and I have yet to read what the family of the victim feels about the loss nor do I feel you can bring charges upon the girl (again because she’s fcuking 9) but her parents should have the stupidity smacked out of them it’s an Uzi.

You don’t want to follow a democrat that doesn’t support the NRA financially then don’t its s free country and we are entitled to our own opinions, it’s the stupidity of people like Emily saying the government wants to take our guns away that kills me. No! they want extended clip mass murders to stop. Talking about gun control angers me so much I’m not even sure how I want to finish this post. So I’ll leave you with this two sided comment in 2012 James Eagan Holmes killed 12 and injured 70 in Aurora Colorado during a mass shooting in a movie theater, then was arrested right outside, so how much of a threat was unarmed Michael Brown to one cop in a car? Put the assault rifles and fully auto weapons down and re-train the police that’s all I have for now. -Vonte


  1. Having gun rights was never about hunting or defending yourself from a mugger or robber, although they can be useful in those situations. Gun rights are about defending yourself from a rogue government. Keeping the same arms as the government, although that is not even possible at this point with the super war technology they have amassed. We have not been vigilant in keeping our liberties. Ben Franklin said: Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety. We are the last vestige of freedom on earth… Besides… Like the war on drugs…(kept drugs off the street) laws will NEVER keep guns out of the hands of criminals…criminals don’t care about or obey laws.. Gun Control only effects people who obey laws.


    1. That’s always the argument but the truth is our laws and beliefs were both created by people whom had there own agenda and the truth is all are old. What bothers me about both those is that no admits that we as humans get it wrong no one admits that things need to be re-assessed at least every 20 years when the zombie apocalypse comes they yes we need rifles and automatic weapons but we elected people, police, military and government officials to take care of drugs in our streets if they can’t do it we would still face judgment and penalties going out and cleaning the streets ourselves. So while I don’t argue that we all have should have these rights that we have and some more this isn’t the old west this isn’t even the days of those who gave us these rights hell the weapons are different everything evolves. Who accounts then for the school shootings by lawful gun owners and all other tragedies this country has faced that could have been lessened by a small clip and hand gun compared those with an arsenal? Human nature is flawed we all have our own ideas and opinions it’s the beauty and the beast of what we are. But it’s time to accept it.


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