I’m Not Asking For Coverage To Stop.


That would be ignorant, I’m ranting about this right now because I want reporters and people interviewed to stop telling us they have it under control. I do hear you loud and clear that Ebola is not an airborne disease, I won’t run around like a damn idiot for fun or for lack of knowledge saying it’s coming, as the disease is very serious. I just need the truth without speculation no more the outbreak is under control and then, “we found out that person went someplace before or after this one time we spoke of”.

As I fear our youth is getting dumber so is journalism it seems, there is nothing wrong with admitting you don’t have the answers as long as you promise to get them to us.

And for the ignorant folks out there spreading fear about Ebola but not even worried enough about AIDS and HIV to protect yourself. Shut yo ass up. -Vonte


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