What Can I say…


There were so many times I wanted to dig in the grab bag of topics that “grind my gears” but it wasn’t there time, not every thing that talked about is news and not all news deserves a reaction. Maybe none of this stuff I speak on today does. So make the exception for this first statement, “as black people more of us have to care about something other than ourselves for us to be able to get anything,” and I’m not speaking to those of you who already do, I’m talking to the people on the block the hustlers, thugs, gangs, and those of us who are just about the money at any cost need to care more about the community, about a right and wrong place to say and do things. Just care about life and then pass that respect on to others, if it ain’t money it’s fame and truth is we are the punchline. But I won’t take you church with this one just an observation.

On to the bullshit. So the black Internet or Twitter wants me to be mad at Iggy Azalea and white Media wants me to believe Kim Kardashian is the cause for all the ass love of recent and “Jenny from the block” started it all let’s start in order: who the fuck is Azealia Banks? No seriously? And why should I care that media thinks Iggy and Macklemore are true Hip Hop and the best at it ? Truth is we already know real hip hop doesn’t win Grammys, so who are these awards supposed to go to these days ? young Thug? Kirko Bangz? I mean are we listening to the music at all now? Before I state this let me be clear I love all round beautiful asses. But Jlo’s was not nearly the first and Kim K’s ain’t the best, they’re just the asses media puts on camera the most and you know why I don’t complain cause I love nice asses, (I just told you this) the current system works for me just stop feeding into it. And if you want to fight back then ladies get more of your asses on mainstream tv (I’m thinking of a few news casters of all colors all over this nation)

One last important thing I need people to remember Black people even more so than others, President Obama is not your mayor nor you damn governor, the reason why he has to hold his tongue or tread light on many of the things that have happened of recent is because he is being watched by the world. I don’t recall Bill Clinton speaking about the OJ verdict, or George W. Speaking his mind about the Beltway Sniper. (And we all know O.J. Did that shit.) Plus let’s be real there are a larger group of people in this country that respect the British royal family more than our own first family. (And what they do has no effect on us, wake up) For every white politician that doesn’t want Obama in office there is a man in power, in another country that equally has no respect for black people or women at all, and is laughing at the U.S. as house continues to disrespect and disregard what our President says. I want to add that never before have I seen such blatant disrespect for a president and our last stole two elections, put us into an un-winnable war and claimed victory to something we had only begun. As a country out priorities are all fcuked up no racism will not go away but yes let’s talk about it and for gods sakes as a country shut the hell up and band together for more than just a day or two after a tragedy happens. -Vonte

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