The Madd Blogger… Or Yes Let’s Celebrate Edward Snowden

tell em why u mad (front cover)

So I’m watching the Oscars last night and this movie Citizenfour wins an Oscar for documentary feature, While accepting the award there is a speech of course, and in it Laura Poitras thanks Edward Snowden for his courage and many other whistileblowers. So listen Ima Tell em why I’m mad. lets start with Edward, the trader to these United States. here is something ironic, Since 2013 and all of his trouble the US has been under constant cyber attacks Target, Sony, Xbox Blue Cross to name a few and while I surely cannot sit here and directly accuse him of this treason, let me ask you, when was the last time you recall Vladimir Putin giving a flying fcuk about Americans and what we do? and these countries that were going to offer him asylum besides Russia, what exactly do you think their interest is in a US whistleblower? What use could this man who held a security clearance with access to classified documents he would keep copies of and readily share to media possibly have?

“A hero” and “courage” are not words we should use for anyone who defects from the United States with our secrets the only non-Americans who care about what goes on here are the ones fighting to get in and “live the Dream” and none of them come here with any secret info from any country, these groups with need to protect all of these special interests proper treatment of animals, humain treatment of war criminals who’s countries practice no such laws for American P.0.W.s for their animals, hell for their women, yet we still want to protect these people the whistleblowers, foreign war criminals, and give humans more time for animal cruelty then some criminals get for crimes to society. You wander then why anyone would want to make a movie about him? And paint him as a victim or criminialize him that is because this is the story of the decade Snowden did it and got away to freaking Russia (Ivan Drago from Rocky 4) what crappy Reporter, film maker would turn that chance down? along with profit we have now given this the highest honor it can receive and this hero with all his courage is still hiding in Russia probably giving your stuff away in trade to stay useful. So you celebrate your traders to the united States but do us all a favor, Join them. We complain So much, we are all so different us be it by religion, race, or beliefs but one thing we all are! freaking Americans and Selling or giving secrets to other special interest endangers us all. If you don’t see that, you’re the reason why all of us in this country have to keep secrets, a nation of nosey know-it-alls unaware of the consequences until they directly effect you at home. Wake the Fcuk up People! Wake the Fcuk up. -Vonte


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