Calm Down People

(before we start please excuse what grammatical errors I may have missed I suffer from dyslexia)
I almost avoided this topic, but In the past few days I’ve seen more talk about it then I cared for, there are some things you need to understand before you go Qouting Dame about working for someone. So let me start this by saying if you watched a one part clip 40 minutes or less you didn’t see it all Dame apologized to Envy for calling him stupid. 
Dame See’s the situation thru a different perspective and though he is passionate about his belief he is only part right, not everyone has that opportunity from jump that money of yours you invest has to come from somewhere, his son doesn’t have to work because he’s rich that’s not the normal situation for the other ninety-nine percent you get that from a job.
Listen at the end of the day Dame is Just telling you to be a visionary, believe in yourself. it’s just Harlem niggas become successful and still have to be overly lavish. He may not have had to work for Someone in his whole life but don’t equate having a boss to calling a man “daddy” that’s Just Dame Dash trying to get his point across.
Lastly he spoke about snitching and he said something I think we all need to understand. “In the streets a civilian witnesses a murder and then tells what they Saw, that’s not snitching, but if someone sold drugs, and they hang out with friends all day long who sell drugs then get caught and tell on those friends, that’s a snitch”. Take heed because this is how it was always intended. Look, from this if you take anything then take the motivation to work for yourself but do it right the trap is not it, illegal money with your gang that is not it either his son sells cookies opened a restaurant that’s not flipping weight or killing people, let me pause because I’m not here to preach. Just don’t misconstrue the message here, boss or not get to where you can do something you love and in turn leave something to your kids stop worrying about dudes and what they do, get yourself a good woman (all Dame’s words). Whatever you do don’t you dare look down on me or any other man because he has a job there are a lot of people with jobs doing better than most and even CEO’s can be fired. get your life together, be better, just be.-Vonte

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