God Forgives, I Don’t.

  *(before I get started, I apologize in advance for grammatical errors I have  dyslexia I catch what I can)

I may lose some friends with this one. This post is not about Dylan Roof per se, I wrote this because I am disappointed in religious beliefs of some of the affected families, as I watched the news coverage some of the families have come out to say they “forgive” Dylan, and I don’t feel you should. This man took someone from your life by his direct actions, he does not deserve your compassion, how dare we lighten his bourdon? Let him seek sympathy from our courts, you haven’t even had to chance to lay your families to rest yet you feel being a good Christian means you forgive this murderer. I am Catholic (and I only say that to say I’m not an atheist not that the religion I was baptized for is any better) My beef is with religion when it is used as an excuse to do wrong or in the case I speak to now could be used for lenience.

Let us all look at situations just as human beings and in the basis of the law. A man took the lives of nine innocent people, why should you forgive him? Those that support what ever part of this, have found it in themselves to donate to his cause if you will and have raised his bail plus. Who helps the nine families in the years that follow? How much was donated to bury the victims? And let me speak once on the joke on the internet, that Caucasians aren’t claiming him, I wont even entertain that notion and really don’t understand how so many did it deserves no response at all it was created to be retweeted (smh).

Another white male mass murderer is captured unharmed, it saddens me when I think of the police and private citizens that took the lives of young and old unarmed black men and yet black lives matter is still a joke to some, no one wants to have the talk about race and as it relates to religion, should not Dylan be double damned? I’m pretty sure I’m not going out on a ledge here to say his mother believed in some denomination of Christianity after all she is from the south (sorry). He sat in a church for some time before he carried out his acts it’s been said patrons were so nice to the outsider that he almost did not go through with it. Almost doesn’t count.

Religion scares me all of it, because its technically something we follow that can’t really be proven values based on rules interpreted by one person during a time when people fled Europe for religious beliefs, do we need religion… Yes just shouldn’t be involved in so many decisions if any at all. Have we all just lost our minds or is common sense as lost as they say chivalry is? -Vonte

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