I Didn’t Want To Post About This

But a good friend reminded me I should. Thank you Tasha


*(before I get started, I apologize in advance for grammatical errors I have dyslexia I catch what I can)

First let me say what you cannot take from me, Bill Cosby was my inspiration for writing, years ago when he voiced his opinions on black youth and our attitudes, I felt he was right 100% and we as people needed to stop blaming others for things we can ourselves change. I grew up in a single parent home, turned out okay and so his comments inspired me to write a book, my story (part 1 anyway) you can’t imagine for a man living with dyslexia how hard that was for me and from that I continued to write here on this blog.

But this isn’t about me this is about the allegations against Mr. Cosby and sadly I am so disappointed. Bill was my tv dad, my problem solver, his family dealt with things that were real, structure we all still need today. And now previously sealed court records were released, honestly my heart hurts. At this point the best he can do in my eyes is come out and say yes I did it but most were knowledgeable about what was going down because let’s be honest generations of entertainers have some sort of fault or vice, be it drugs, alcoholism, domestic violence, I could go on but they did it willingly maybe denied it later but talk about it or not it still happened.  Cosby is getting old I wanted to believe when he decided to finally speak on camera about the allegations, he may have some early set Alzheimer’s, no maybe he didn’t understand the questions, but they were clear as day to me, and lastly I thought maybe these are snippets and the real interview will come out but the more excuses I made the sadder it made me. Is it better these accusers were adults? Never once did anyone say he committed acts against children but I was still trying to rationalize evil. Sex against anyone’s will is rape no matter how you do it.

So back to me I was there with you and I am sorry to say when you, the people went against Michael Jackson he had a terrible childhood, home life, and terrible parents. I do not believe you Robin Givens but I will forget. I wanted you to lock up Robert  Kelly that video made me sick Kobe was an idiot he’s wife was beautiful and Robin Thicke had yet to be caught doing anything as terrible as what it must have felt like to be spouse of a beautiful successful actress who was the lead in Baggage Claim (kissing and playing house is what she has to do but how emasculating is that?)  let you have told me back then Bill Cosby is capable of such foolish human mistakes then I would have cursed you out. And here we stand Bill admits to purchasing quaaludes with the intent to use. I fell so wrong for standing by him so wrong for accusing the twenty some odd women of wanting money or being coached into believing something untrue so to you all I apologize sincerely.

Lastly I’m going to have to bring up the confederate flag for this point and you can feel how you want about it but it should come down if you can relate to what it means to people of color or side with those that argue to keep it the point still remains you lost the war who hangs a lost flag? Take it down. When was the last time outside of a movie you saw a CCCP/USSR flag? Stephen Collins confessed to the sexual abuse of underage girls, take 7th heaven off, but am I wrong to say that black people need the Cosby show and A Different World is there a way his portion can go to some women’s charity?  We need to show it to our young men and women, end the real housewives, and love and hip hop era, the involved parties have way more money than you those shows are scripted and let’s not forget they have privileged rich people problems, when did the world care about that?

Bill Cosby you let me down, And I don’t forgive so pray I forget, pray America does too. -Vonte


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