Religion Won’t Save You


How the church felt about the Boston bombings

*(before I get started, I apologize in advance for grammatical errors I have dyslexia I catch what I can)


The Westboro Baptist Church a group of Christian extremist infamous for protesting funerals have tweeted they will protest the funerals of the two killed in the Louisiana movie theater shootings this past week, their message (and I will purposely not include the hashtag is “God sent the shooter”. I am almost at lost for words and at the same time not surprised this country was built by people trying to escape religious belief, taken from the hands of people too trusting and has become more radical with each generation. As A child I was baptized Catholic I’ve heard it said once your baptized catholic  you are always that no matter how far you stray. Well Catholicism has its issues very public issues. And growing up with dyslexia I have to be honest I didn’t get through too many books especially those that weren’t required for a grade so I have never fully read the bible I cannot quote you a psalm or tell you a scripture you should read when your feeling a certain way. Partly because the words are so tiny in most and there are just so many (words) all related to different stories it’s too much for me to keep stored let alone when the words start to jumble or it’s written in old English. And I bring that up to say it causes me to approach everything with a grain of salt and a scoop of common sense, I believe in a higher power only because I think we need to believe in something especially when times get tough. But you can’t just tell me it was written in this book many years ago then tell me it can be interpreted differently but also say these are rules. And I say this about the bible and the constitution. It scares me these rules made before the advancement of population, of technology, and society are rules we follow to the T unless you can afford to bend them to your needs. yet no one realizes we have a problem guess I just think to much.

Personally I don’t care what you practice, who you follow, who you love, and what you believe, that’s your American freedom. But how evil and sick must you be to protest at a funeral? Where do you find that hate? As an adult when did you decide there are some things you just won’t question yet you can’t explain? Are you higher in God then I am because you go to church everyday so you don’t sin?  A dangerous way to live.  This church finds the hate inside to come to you at your weakest most vulnerable point and express their freedom of speech and right to gather as you lay a loved one hopefully innocent of major offenses to rest this group shows up to berate you to spit on your cause for their beliefs  and it’s no crime that is what worries me about this country.

So Donald Trump wants to run on the republican ticket and what scares me about that is not that he will win but he represents what republicans really think about you. No matter how ridiculous you believe his statements are he’s saying upfront what many will say in private because it could mean a bigger challenge for votes, years ago he demanded Barack’s birth certificate some old lady at a republican rally stood up and said that Barack Obama is an Arab, funny to me how she thinks the application for the highest job in the nation would have missed that in a background check. 

Religion won’t save you hide behind it if you want. It sickens me to see these things, to feel like I am the only one thinking rationally, to have to say that black lives matter, Donald Trump is outrageous, the confederate flag of a lost battle shouldn’t be flown anywhere except private property and Caitlyn Jenner is given way to much credit to not even be the first nor the most convincing to have made the change. I don’t go to church on Sunday heck I can’t even tell you the last time I stepped inside the sacred building and I’m not sure if that is because dyslexia affects my short-term memory dates and times or it just wasn’t that memorable an experience a catholic in a Christian church with people full of the Holy Ghost the details I have but dates and times just not that memorable. Again I do believe and I let that freedom of religion guide my choices along with common sense not depict my life and how I view you. -Vonte


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