Yeah Your Right It’s Not Just #blacklivesmatter


(before we start please excuse what grammatical errors I may have missed I suffer from dyslexia)

It’s only, the hashtag ignorance will no longer be accepted isn’t as slogan(ee) it didn’t take Straight Outta Compton, or any of the latest police slayings of unarmed black people in the last year to call for this movement. It has been many years of ignorance, and the truth that more unarmed black lives are lost for minor crimes then mass murderors apprehended whom live to face trial in this last year. So.. #policelivesmatter but no disrespect you know why that hasn’t already been a hashtag because it’s not even necessary there not fighting a war not police, they clock in and clock out in shifts like the rest of us, going into work with a bad attitude or whatever problems you have that day someone runs from you or questions your authority  does not stand in any other job as a reason to shoot. Need i remind you Reese Witherspoon resisted, Chanel West Coast Kicked, and talked back, Shia Lebeouf spat at, and hell even Too Short ran from police yet no one was shot. Soldiers fight wars for the country and black people fight a war for equality against ignorance close your eyes to it as you may, that’s your choice as an American but don’t belittle a spoken truth keep to your cat videos and Trump campaign (and no I’m not sorry) lastly don’t worry about us vs. us you end police profiling and brutality for patrols and the neighborhoods will start parenting and help. -Vonte 

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