We Need to talk, Let’s  Start With The 2nd Amendment 


(before we start please excuse what grammatical errors I may have missed I suffer from dyslexia)

Powder, lead shot, Ram rod in that order was how you loaded ammunition into you pistol or rifle back when the you were given the right bear arms. Nobody wants to take away your damn guns we are only asking what the Fcuk you need with assault rifles? You can’t hunt with them, dare you do that they will treat like they treat Walter Palmer, better yet Michael Vick, there is no sport in that. Protecting yourself and your home should and will always be a right so purchase your handguns or shotguns should you choose, just don’t tell me this law applies to assault rifles the mobile equivalent of a gatling gun for the 18 century can you imagine if every man had a gatling gun in 1789? The murder of Lincoln alone would have been a theatre massacre.

On with the ridiculous-ness. Who interprets these rules/laws? KIM Davis a Christian couldn’t wait to hit mass media and say she spoke with Pope Francis the living breathing symbol of the Catholic church and he told her to keep on fighting, this news broke a full day after he had left the United States, she made it out to be a one to one meeting, personal and I was instantly sick to my stomach for the first time that historic week. Angry again at society, religion, and humanity. “It could not be” I said to myself as I watched media repeat the story multiple times on multiple stations just her side. Later we find out she lied (this faithful Christian woman) the meeting wasn’t one to one,  was not personal, she was one of several dozens and not even one of the two whom the pope expected to see, also there wasn’t much of a conversation I’m not even sure they have established whether Pope Francis knew who she was. But she wanted you to believe she had someone blessing someone who mattered. (as politicians don’t matter) We have taken these delineations too far, how we each separately interpret these rules, when it really shouldn’t be that complicated. If you feel your job goes against your religious beliefs than quit. Who has a standoff with their employer for personal reasons and gets support? that is nothing but your opinion vs your duty. I was baptized Catholic as a child, I’m from the northeast and the further south and west christianity scares me (this mind you is all only my opinion) christians can like the confederate symbol from a lost war, used at times for hate and segregation, they more frequently tote guns and commit mass shootings, (by the way you lost) the flag dies when you lose we don’t call the Soviet Union the USSR let it go. Catholics have child sex scandals in the church and a history of really strict rules were supposed to follow.  I say this to say, I choose my own path and I choose humanity first. I am dyslexic the bible in any religion is too long and print too small for me to read not to mention I would forget what I read a few minutes before, be lost in a paragraph that would run off into a separate sentence and need google just to translate the terminology. Funny thing is the way each sect reads these books differently I am mot sure I’m the only one.

These two topics  come from someone’s adaptation that where just meant as rules to live by, not to follow to the “T” according to whom you follow or choose to believe in. WE DONT WANT YOUR GUNS WE JUST DONT WANT PEOPLE WALKING AROUND WITH GATLING GUNS AND WHO DECIDES THESE PEOPLE ARE UNSTABLE ALL OF A SUDDEN? Leave the Church out of your ability to break the laws, and if you ask me Kim Davis is mentally ill. -Vonte


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