A Rant to the Fat Jewish


Wow really? Cause I’m confused fat Jewish, what did she do wrong? I’m tired of the whole controversy over the performance. I bet none of you knew what it was until the media told you, and those that are proud of what she did are proud because she choose to say something. Rich people don’t have to give 2 fucks about what goes on with us, and so what? The black power fist was about unity and self determination when drugs were introduced to our committees and our people were selling there souls there was no anti-police movement, all who feel it was, feel guilty about what the police did to people of color back then Rudy Giuliani.! And for the rest of the trolls what differs the black power fist from the confederate flag is the flag was a symbol of an oppressed people and a lost war no one still flies the USSR flag in the Soviet Union. Lastly mr Fat Jewsih I wonder had this been about the holocaust would it have bothered you the same? -Vonte.

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