Flag Of Our Nation


(before we start please excuse what grammatical errors I may have missed I suffer from dyslexia)

So Colin Kaepernick didn’t stand for the national anthem.. I’m not yet sure how I feel about that. Someone said, and I do partly agree that the flag and the anthem represents what we want this country to be (so as I interpret that is innocent in the ignorance of people). So you are upset he did such a thing and as I see it he is just saying their aren’t many other avenues he can use to show you, he has an opinion, they are under strict rules down to what they wear and how they act on and off-season.  Now I’ve said I don’t yet know how I feel about what he did, I myself do stand when I’m at games and hear the anthem. Yet I was not really upset by hearing the news about Colin in fact as I saw stories and posts from the other side of the argument get outraged I asked myself a couple of questions: people appalled to what kapernick did go automatically to the military it’s disrespectful to those men and women who fought and I will not belittle that. So we stand behind our military? because I remember hearing how shitty this country treated veterans of the Vietnam War. I remember when I heard it I thought it was a really fucked up way to treat those men and women that are just following orders of an administration, they are still solders they fought for our country.  Okay fine maybe we have changed since then… Weren’t there Iraq War protests? Or was it Golf War?

Then there is the issue of the Confederate Flag  clearly not the choice of the nation so why is it still allowed to fly?  Why isn’t that a disrespect? I’ve read you feel its heritage not hatred, fair I guess until I point out to you, you lost that battle, there is on the books, a war south vs north a fight for Civil liberties you lost, isn’t even raising that flag a slap to this nation?  Actual bigots and racist stand behind it more openly than those that stand by the American flag, hate group use that and other things as symbols for their cause. My point is they are not saying there not reporting that Colin burned a flag ( which actually happens.. here.. In this country)

So does it really fucking matter that he didn’t stand up? Is it of an offense than the stuff I just mentioned? Did he say I hate the military? He’s doing it for attention to a cause you may not believe in, but it’s not against any NFL rules shit besides hearing about why he did it it’s an insignificant story to be outraged about until you can answer the questions I asked, or tell me he burned a flag.

I’ve heard the he get paid millions of dollars blah blah blah argument… So do the domestic abusers and sexual assaulters in the professional sport business. Just recently a DJ was fired for playing “smack my bitch up” when Cubs player Aroldis Chapman walked off the mound. I see how wrong that was.. But why is the player still playing?

So while I do stand for the anthem I don’t see the outrage (because rage is in that word) over someone who doesn’t, not the way I see burning a flag. And you do know the flag has been burned for shit like protesting elections to disagreement over a war… By white people mostly and more frequently reported ( and I say that jokingly but very serious). -Vonte

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