Status Update


just wanted to make a few things clear.  (this is no jab at any of my friends)

first there is a FB thing to make the Obama family a temp pic for today, Look I’m not going to do it, While I will say and He is not my president and I am down with all those who feel so I am not going to put any more energy into this nothing against any who asked me to or any who do, no matter may I need to blame Russia or ignorant voters it is what it is, he may not be my President he is The President and if he fails we fail as a country if something happens to him we have his VP to look forward to I don’t see a win.

lastly I don’t care either way that Chrissette Michelle, or Travis Greene are performing nor that Kanye West and Steve Harvey reached out (that’s now or then) as long as they didn’t support his campaign I will let these people be if Steve wants to help Ben Carson’s non qualified ass who knows nothing about Urban anything then maybe somebody needs to and gtfoh that Kanye talked about violence in Chicago he could have done that shit back with W Bush or do something himself in Chicago, be that as it may im just expressing I do not really believe thats what he did nor do I care. Education will be headed by someone who doesn’t believe in it, housing and urban development being lead by an idiot surgeon and the state being headed by someone who loves Putin and is president of Exxon another mighty corporation. Respect to you out there protesting there are citizens im watching on live tv who are Hilary or Bernie supporters on the mall mixed in with others respect to you, Today is the day I say for myself I lost but this will take no more of my energy.

like it or not I’m not looking for comments just clearing the air and to those who know me well enough this is how I dust my shoulders off and move, still have to get up and do me everyday after this just getting started early. To Barrack And Michelle farewell you have been a great inspiration for what I personally believe I needed to see in humanity and blackness if you will since possibly the Cosby show (what it represented not what one did personally) and for that I thank you it has almost been fantasy so today I snap back to reality.

that’s all -Vonte


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