Look, About this..

(before we start please excuse what grammatical errors I may have missed I suffer from dyslexia)

So “web celebrity” (if you will) Jess Hilarious posted this phot to her social media and raunchy comedian Corey Holcomb fired her up, to be honest if you know anything about Corey Holcomb you wouldn’t expect less or better from him (I’ve paid to see him and like his stuff). The internet went off on Corey and to that I have no comment he’s a grown man he can take it, then Jess fired back and on TMZ Corey said she was corny And further went in saying she’s teaching her son to be a bitch. Yikes, definitely harsh if I felt he needed to be defended I’d say again this is his brand.

So back to this photo I will admit I do not understand the theme, I do not understand why she had to be totally naked. Truth is short of abuse this isn’t mine or anyone’s business.

One comment, why post this on social media? And let’s not if there equate this to breastfeeding in public I have no issue with that children have to eat, name the places a person can sit around butt naked in public? This photo isn’t equal to breastfeeding. Corey brought up (well tried to guess the child’s age) he is definitely not an infant, not even a toddler she is an “internet celeb” and she posted it on social media this photo will be around forever who is to say her son won’t get picked on for it? I just don’t see the point. -Vonte 

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