Thank You Dave Chappelle

(before we start please excuse what grammatical errors I may have missed I suffer from dyslexia)

So I like many of you watched the Dave Chappelle specials on Netflix, I got thru the first one I laughed and almost cried. It seemed like for Dave this was like getting back on a bike he’s always seemed to be a great story teller. What I would like to thank him for most was a truth he spoke, a joke about Bill Cosby he built up to it “he rapes but he saves” that was the tag line he spoke about not wanting to believe that a man of his caliber could be a monster (my words not his). 

Before I go to far let explain something I am dyslexic funny enough I learned about this disability from the Cosby Show and truthfully some time later when I was really able to understand it (the condition and the episode), it helped to change my life for the better I used to think I was just set to fail or just never worked hard enough when truth was to do what I have accomplished I worked harder then most Cliff Huxtable helped me see that. I twice stood tall for Bill Cosby, the first time being when he in his old age spoke about black folks blaming people for their struggles but not working to change it, educating themeselves and not pulling up their pants, that moment inspired me to write.  I wrote a book, a book on my life up until my miss-adventures in a school for higher learning and my choice not to continue to beat myself into a plan that without great assistance I didn’t fit into. 

The second time was when the story first broke of Cosby and these accusations heck Beverly Johnson even wafered, and honestly we were talking about was Bill Cosby I mean come on!

Dave vocalized what I couldn’t find the words to say. Dave said “obviously Bill Cosby was a hero to me” and you may not understand what it feels like to think that your hero might have done something so henice.  “Let’s not forget I never met Bill Cosby so I’m not defending him” and he listed off his list of positive accomplishments, he ended that list by saying “and I remember that he partnered with a clinical psychologist to make sure that there was not one negative image of African-Americans on his show” 

That is no small thing, look at what our children are subject to now Real Houswives, Love and Hip Hop, and we as African Americans are not alone in this but all of our popular shows are full of ratchet moments scripted reality with real emotions and fights, a generation that knows more of WorldStar then they do of A Different World, and nor do they care. My world, our world is spiraling to a generation un-phased Chappelle said this also “in your generation it’s like the space shuttle blows up every fucking day, how can you care about anything when you know every goddamn thing, so you just give the fuck up”. It’s so true all of it and that saddened me for a second until this moment in the show I couldn’t express why I fought so hard to believe to accuse the victims that is why it made sense to me at the time. “He rapes but he saves” fucked up ain’t it? That was my struggle, this blog, my biography was inspired by Cosby, in truth I haven’t watched Dr. Huxtable do his thing way before any of this hell I had seen all the episodes all the times they were on TV, I no longer needed to watch, but now more than ever need to believe.. (ah in what he intended with Cosby Show and ADW not in the man). Lastly I would like you to understand why it’s important to have heros why Cliff Huxtable and A Different World must remain no matter what, there are not today many people I can speak of today that I thought off as a hero whom I would still say today,  that could be how dyslexia affects my memory but is more to the point that Cosby was my father when mine was gone and the Huxtable’s my family when after growing up so close had mostly spread out so far away. 

It’s a touchy situation with me now discussing him just know I do not support him, just know why I’m telling Dave Chappelle thank you sir! -Vonte

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