You people are the most crying-ist needy ass people

(before we start please excuse what grammatical errors I may have missed I suffer from dyslexia)

Yes “you people” you confederate flag sympathizers are the most hypocritical assholes walking the United States. You will (some of you even to other people’s faces) but you sit there and complain that Latinos speak Spanish in your presence, you want black folk to get over slavery and police brutality, and the original Americans (the Indians) to get over the Redskins name and stealing their land, but let someone tell you a flag, statue, or other needs to go down and your panties are all in bunch.

Let clear something up no one is telling you in your home you can’t celebrate what you like long as you don’t hurt nobody history and heritage are tags you can no longer hide behind the civil war was fought and lost by the confederacy. The flag flown at those sporting events you watch is the “American”. The one sewn into the uniforms of our soldiers also the “American”. Represented in the world for this country also the “American” flag and the bald Eagle. So don’t talk to anyone about what they need to let go when the actual rest of the country had officially moved on.

This rant started because here in Norther Va there is a debate about changing the name of a school named after a man from the confederacy so let’s say OJ Simpson had erected in the seventies the OJ boarding school for girls, that name still cool today? In in the eighties he renamed the OJ loves Nicole Brown school we good still? You sending your kids off to the Charles Manson dorms? .. Have several seats. -Vonte.

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