Fuck Your Confederacy


25Confederates-web-facebookJumbo(before we start please excuse what grammatical errors I may have missed I suffer from dyslexia)

Everything you believe is a lie and I love it so much. Let me start by Saying as a black man I never looked far into the history of the confederacy because.. “I’m black.” But this new to me, information is pure gold.

Did you know your revered General Robert E. Lee shortly after he lost to the north and accepted a job at a university he took and oath to henceforth support the US Constitution and he advised fellow followers to do the same? I’m reading he’d said the confederate flag is a flag of treason and a symbol he wanted to forget. I’ve always said that flag is not American if you’ve read my politically charged posts you know how I feel but to learn that all you heritage not history folk were just sharing what you wanted to believe is just so fulfilling, excuse the super vulgar expression (I busted a nut) everything you believe is a lie and to add insult to injury these statues you fight to keep up weren’t even erected till the 1960’s at least one hundred years later, (theory or not) to intimidate people of color and others they opposed. Your heritage belongs in a museum not on our streets and in our schools. Also to answer President Donald Trump “should we take down Lincoln and other statues?” Well one thing we can say for sure they weren’t frauds erected to scare a people so nah they can stay Mr. Trump.

Fuck your confederacy and your beliefs you treasonous assholes and you get out of America, this ain’t yours, never was I laugh at your history, yours is the only one not real. -Vonte

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