And all his teammates ain’t saying a thing. Stay woke -Meek Mil

(before we start please excuse what grammatical errors I may have missed I suffer from dyslexia and write out of passion for expressing opinions)

They told Kap stand up he wan play for a team but all his teammates ain’t saying a thing, Stay woke.- There are a few things that need to be said, three years ago they fired you (wrongfully in my opinion) they said you were a distraction yet let Antonio Brown the clown play until he just quit. So rightfully you sued (and boom I back you on that too not that it matters) but take the star or public figure out of the situation. Let’s say you yourself were fired from a job wrongfully, let’s say you sued and they still did not immediately take you back even go the distance with the suit and a big part of what you are fighting for is just to get that job back, you enjoyed it. still your former employer never backs down. Somehow years later without having to admit they were wrong publicly you get an opportunity to do a training workout and maybe come back yet it is still clear there is tension, its still clear they don’t want you back. Its here where something has to give its here where I jump off the wagon. Kaepernick and his team claim this wavier was excessive, what did you expect? Neither party trust’s the other how exactly would you imagine that career would go say he does get back on a team? Even if you believe it was all Kap’s doing getting the workout, foolish pride or not on the NFL’s side they will not bend or fold. I say this all to say by agreeing to the workout he got part of what he wanted wether he joins a new team or not I hop off the wagon its clear in this climate especially the NFL has a bigger problem with the first amendment peacefully being exercised then it does with domestic violence or sexual assault allegations, the NBA is siding with (would rather be silent about) china for the money and the FIFIA doesn’t pay women equally just to name a few, and no player in the game will change those industries. Without the NFL admitting wrong doing I am actually disappointed he wants to come back knowing what we know now. Pleased as I was for the announcement that he finally did get the workout many of the teams need a damn QB, but I had assumed it was finally mutual. Social injustice wins nothing from Kap going back and that is harsh to say but true he doesn’t need my backing for this as cool as it would be that he could lead a team to the playoffs or a championship they would never let him talk about anything else. Arguably he won already he got a big part of what he wanted since they fired him. – Vonte