This issues Kryptonite…

Jill Scott whether Fro or Fried Jill has always been on point not every women can take a hairstyle for the early 1900’s and still make it look good.  Jill has a beautiful face, amazing voice and a good sense of style. So Hold it down Jill Scott your this issues’ kryptonite and you just “crossed my mind”.  – Vonte





This issues Kryptonite…

Katy Perry I’m not into pop music so I won’t pretend I know anything about Katy’s background or much about her music, the Kryptonite award are given to those who are not only strikingly beautiful, but are making waves in the fashion world. I can’t look at pictures of this women and not get lost in her eyes. In a world of “Barbie” it seems she just wants to have fun and be a girl, sugar and spice and everything nice.

I first stumbled onto Katy with the single ” California Gurls”  which I would also add I can watch that music video anytime and not even have to mute it, then she followed with “Teenage Dream”. Katy your sound is pretty good and your sense of style is pretty fly from video shoot to red carpet, keep on doing what you doing. -Vonte (headed to YouTube for the video.)

October’s Kryptonite goes too..

Diamond aka Brittany Nicole Carpenter formerly of the group Crime Mob, is this issues Kryptonite. I’ve had my eye on Diamond ever since the group’s video for “stilettos” (although I would not by and album, not my type of Hip Hop) just for the symbolize. “stilettos, pumps in the club” loved it instantly to hear two sexy young women (Diamond and Princess of the group) back to back chanting that they wear stilettos in the club.

Some quick background on my views of woman’s’ fashion but there is nothing worse than to see a woman in the club wearing flip-flops (except maybe UGG boots) it just doesn’t say much about your style,  you’ve got on a fly dress with some $4 shoes. There are many clubs where I as man can’t wear sneakers, (and I actually dance) but you can walk in with flip-flops, flat-footed and cheap looking.

Turned solo artist in 2008, when Diamond is caught by the flashing lights of paparazzi she is caught in style and in stilettos. -Vonte

Eva Pigford official May WTF Blog Kryptonite

The stunningly beautiful Eva Pigford first jumped onto the scene On ANTM (America’s Next Top Model) winning over Tyra and her judges for season two. Eva has since crossed over to acting, with appearances on the Young and The Restless, Smallville, and Everybody Hates Chris just to name a few.  Chosen for her flare and style, when she’s out, it always looks like she ready to face the ANTM judges.  So Eva here’s to being fly. -Vonte

Know anyone you think should be Kryptonite, local or celebrity give us a shout


Teyana Taylor official WTF Kryptonite

Teyana Taylor.  As swagger goes this young lady has it coming out of her pores. Signed to Star Trak Entertainment the first time many of us saw this young lady was on MTV’s “My Super Sweet 16”.   More than a triple threat she is a singer, songwriter, rapper, dancer, and choreographer. Born in Harlem NY, she has a style that screams check me out, but a persona that says this me every day, her hair is wild and free yet she seems so in control, on point at all times, Taylor has a very sick shoe game from  sneakers, to pumps, her style goes beyond the normal without being aggressively awkward. This is what Kyptonite is about, so like her song says “google me”. -Vonte 


Think you are a fashionista or the sickest dude on the streets?  Know someone else who is?  Prove it!  Send us a picture of you and your hot fashion and we may feature you on our blog!   Email  us a picture and description of your/their style at , because good taste is the ultimate kryptonite! -Ky

That’s right and style is the key word here, so don’t email us cause you think your cute, email us because people want to be like you, we don’t want your swimsuit photo’s we want your get em’ girl outfits (ladies)K and you gone kill em’ at the club with this dude (for the fellas) -Vonte