Kathy Went Too far.. So Did Snoop

(before we start please excuse what grammatical errors I may have missed I suffer from dyslexia)

Let me say that I said the same thing about both no question, and believe me I’m part of the Trump is not my president movement or whatever it is, I had even found the snoop video to be kind of funny, satirical as it is (not haha funny if you will but funny) him being a clown, also I loved the SNL sketches of Trump 9 out of 10 where hilarious, but here is why I feel Snoop Dog and Kathy went too far.  Images like those, that depict violence against the sitting president whomever it may be makes us look weak around other parts of the world, I can’t say for sure but I’d assume you wouldn’t find images like this of other countries’ leaders openly accepted (in their counties) pretty sure a couple of leaders would have you put to death. Art wise, freedom of speech wise, even personally, why they felt they wanted to do this I applaud, I know where they stand and I like it.

Here is my problem I’ve seen this story so far on two different media outlets and automatically it’s stated”if this were done to/for Barack Obama how would you feel”? (honestly I expected it) Let’s put this comparison to rest, less the actual beheaded image (that I know of) this has been done to Barack to the then First Lady Michelle and their children, in particular one I will never forget Michelle was compared to an ape. I’ve seen with my own eyes ignorant bumper stickers on truck of people whom I assume have been, are, or have family in the military disrespect Obama while he was in office (it will have the branch of military I’ll tell you ive seen more USMC and then the offensive Obama quote and NRA). He was your Commander In Chief  I just can’t wrap my head around how that works opinions and freedoms as they are maybe it’s something you need to just say around your people you believe feel the same way but shouldnt advertise being he was your Bosses Boss. You want to condemn all depctions of violence against a sitting president, I have no problem with that, but you have no right to compare, I no longer want to hear “if it had been done to Obama”, it has, more frequently and less humanly. The Obama’s were openly compared to animals spoken of as less than human beings and this wasn’t exclusive to private citizens, I’m talking government officials. So forgive me if I am less sensitive that an arrogant New Yorker gets his feelings hurt when it wasn’t to long ago I was reminded how many in this country feel about people of color no matter how much power they have.

Condemn it all but never again Compare.-Vonte

Thank You Dave Chappelle

(before we start please excuse what grammatical errors I may have missed I suffer from dyslexia)

So I like many of you watched the Dave Chappelle specials on Netflix, I got thru the first one I laughed and almost cried. It seemed like for Dave this was like getting back on a bike he’s always seemed to be a great story teller. What I would like to thank him for most was a truth he spoke, a joke about Bill Cosby he built up to it “he rapes but he saves” that was the tag line he spoke about not wanting to believe that a man of his caliber could be a monster (my words not his). 

Before I go to far let explain something I am dyslexic funny enough I learned about this disability from the Cosby Show and truthfully some time later when I was really able to understand it (the condition and the episode), it helped to change my life for the better I used to think I was just set to fail or just never worked hard enough when truth was to do what I have accomplished I worked harder then most Cliff Huxtable helped me see that. I twice stood tall for Bill Cosby, the first time being when he in his old age spoke about black folks blaming people for their struggles but not working to change it, educating themeselves and not pulling up their pants, that moment inspired me to write.  I wrote a book, a book on my life up until my miss-adventures in a school for higher learning and my choice not to continue to beat myself into a plan that without great assistance I didn’t fit into. 

The second time was when the story first broke of Cosby and these accusations heck Beverly Johnson even wafered, and honestly we were talking about was Bill Cosby I mean come on!

Dave vocalized what I couldn’t find the words to say. Dave said “obviously Bill Cosby was a hero to me” and you may not understand what it feels like to think that your hero might have done something so henice.  “Let’s not forget I never met Bill Cosby so I’m not defending him” and he listed off his list of positive accomplishments, he ended that list by saying “and I remember that he partnered with a clinical psychologist to make sure that there was not one negative image of African-Americans on his show” 

That is no small thing, look at what our children are subject to now Real Houswives, Love and Hip Hop, and we as African Americans are not alone in this but all of our popular shows are full of ratchet moments scripted reality with real emotions and fights, a generation that knows more of WorldStar then they do of A Different World, and nor do they care. My world, our world is spiraling to a generation un-phased Chappelle said this also “in your generation it’s like the space shuttle blows up every fucking day, how can you care about anything when you know every goddamn thing, so you just give the fuck up”. It’s so true all of it and that saddened me for a second until this moment in the show I couldn’t express why I fought so hard to believe to accuse the victims that is why it made sense to me at the time. “He rapes but he saves” fucked up ain’t it? That was my struggle, this blog, my biography was inspired by Cosby, in truth I haven’t watched Dr. Huxtable do his thing way before any of this hell I had seen all the episodes all the times they were on TV, I no longer needed to watch, but now more than ever need to believe.. (ah in what he intended with Cosby Show and ADW not in the man). Lastly I would like you to understand why it’s important to have heros why Cliff Huxtable and A Different World must remain no matter what, there are not today many people I can speak of today that I thought off as a hero whom I would still say today,  that could be how dyslexia affects my memory but is more to the point that Cosby was my father when mine was gone and the Huxtable’s my family when after growing up so close had mostly spread out so far away. 

It’s a touchy situation with me now discussing him just know I do not support him, just know why I’m telling Dave Chappelle thank you sir! -Vonte

Look, About this..

(before we start please excuse what grammatical errors I may have missed I suffer from dyslexia)

So “web celebrity” (if you will) Jess Hilarious posted this phot to her social media and raunchy comedian Corey Holcomb fired her up, to be honest if you know anything about Corey Holcomb you wouldn’t expect less or better from him (I’ve paid to see him and like his stuff). The internet went off on Corey and to that I have no comment he’s a grown man he can take it, then Jess fired back and on TMZ Corey said she was corny And further went in saying she’s teaching her son to be a bitch. Yikes, definitely harsh if I felt he needed to be defended I’d say again this is his brand.

So back to this photo I will admit I do not understand the theme, I do not understand why she had to be totally naked. Truth is short of abuse this isn’t mine or anyone’s business.

One comment, why post this on social media? And let’s not if there equate this to breastfeeding in public I have no issue with that children have to eat, name the places a person can sit around butt naked in public? This photo isn’t equal to breastfeeding. Corey brought up (well tried to guess the child’s age) he is definitely not an infant, not even a toddler she is an “internet celeb” and she posted it on social media this photo will be around forever who is to say her son won’t get picked on for it? I just don’t see the point. -Vonte 

Status Update


just wanted to make a few things clear.  (this is no jab at any of my friends)

first there is a FB thing to make the Obama family a temp pic for today, Look I’m not going to do it, While I will say and He is not my president and I am down with all those who feel so I am not going to put any more energy into this nothing against any who asked me to or any who do, no matter may I need to blame Russia or ignorant voters it is what it is, he may not be my President he is The President and if he fails we fail as a country if something happens to him we have his VP to look forward to I don’t see a win.

lastly I don’t care either way that Chrissette Michelle, or Travis Greene are performing nor that Kanye West and Steve Harvey reached out (that’s now or then) as long as they didn’t support his campaign I will let these people be if Steve wants to help Ben Carson’s non qualified ass who knows nothing about Urban anything then maybe somebody needs to and gtfoh that Kanye talked about violence in Chicago he could have done that shit back with W Bush or do something himself in Chicago, be that as it may im just expressing I do not really believe thats what he did nor do I care. Education will be headed by someone who doesn’t believe in it, housing and urban development being lead by an idiot surgeon and the state being headed by someone who loves Putin and is president of Exxon another mighty corporation. Respect to you out there protesting there are citizens im watching on live tv who are Hilary or Bernie supporters on the mall mixed in with others respect to you, Today is the day I say for myself I lost but this will take no more of my energy.

like it or not I’m not looking for comments just clearing the air and to those who know me well enough this is how I dust my shoulders off and move, still have to get up and do me everyday after this just getting started early. To Barrack And Michelle farewell you have been a great inspiration for what I personally believe I needed to see in humanity and blackness if you will since possibly the Cosby show (what it represented not what one did personally) and for that I thank you it has almost been fantasy so today I snap back to reality.

that’s all -Vonte

So Often We Are Let Down


(before we start please excuse what grammatical errors I may have missed I suffer from dyslexia)

Let Me Say Hidden Figures was an amazing and inspiring movie, I do not care your color or cred go see this movie. As an 80’s baby I can tell you space launches were a big deal, so much so they were broadcast live on tv. I had to be all of nine as we gathered around the television at school in 1986 for the launch of the Challenger, all of us dreaming of what space is like. We sat quietly as this shuttle blasted off and shortly there after were confused (or at least I was) when it broke apart and the TV was abruptly turned off, because someone quickly realized that wasn’t normal and they may not have survived, as it turns out that flight had in fact ended in tragedy it was all over the airwaves, so had we not seen it in school we would have heard or saw it later that day. A very sad day in fact the first I could remember from that time of my life where the nation mourned together. It wasn’t until 92′ Launch of the Endeavor shuttle I remember even being excited again about a space launch this may have been because by then I had already forgot about the Challenger tragedy and also because this time going to space was a black woman, Mae Jemison, the first black woman going to space. The school television was brought into class as it was in 86′ and again we sat around in awe as the countdown began you could feel the tension and the excitement in the room, followed by the relief as it made into space successfully.

So I mentioned I felt let down, let me explain. As I watched the movie Hidden Figures a wash of emotions came over me, mostly and more importantly for this post was anger I was so dissapointed that we have come this far and this story is just now being told, and I am not talking about in film maybe this cast of Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, and Jonelle Monae were what this story needed to be told in film in fact after watching it I am ever more in love in what these three women the actual characters they portray and the actresses themselves have done. The anger comes from never hearing this story before I watched this movie on New Years eve 2016, not one mention in a history book not one fact teller on a musem tour not one conspiracy theory (if you will). you have to understand that going to space and being an astronaunt was what children wanted to be as soon as they heard about space, in a sense shooting for the stars, imagine how african american children would have been inspired after hearing these three womens stories. It turns out that at some point in my life I realized my fear of heights and the astronant dream though cool was not going to be a reality for me, why wasn’t I told about the mathmatition the engineer (beyond locomotives) or a coding supervisor/programmer we sure heard about Amelia Earhart and Rosie the Riverter. I’m so angry I can’t even finish this my mind is racing with possibilities no disrespect to Amelia or the symbol Rosie I just feel… let down.-Vonte



I Just Refuse.

maxresdefault(before we start please excuse what grammatical errors I may have missed I suffer from dyslexia)

I refuse to believe that people can be so naive. It has come to a point where it hurts so much that I don’t have the energy to complain anymore.
I watched the full Tomi Lahren interview her arguments spew white privilege so I want to set some things straight. Things got interesting when the conversation turned to BLM and black people protesting,  she feels that Colin Kapernick  is doing things the wrong way taking it our on the flag and the anthem. Trevor Noah then asked her How? How? is he supposed to protest correctly,  as a black man if we march in the streets people say we are thugs if we go out and protest people say it’s a riot and if we kneel that is still not the right, to which she had no answer Tomi was then asked how would she protest? to which she answered, she does not, she will not protest about the country she lives in because she will not allow herself to be “a victim” even though she knows that women only received the right to vote after black people did.

There is still suffrage of woman to this day men in government and in church still think they know what a woman must do, so she won’t let that way her down that is great for her and all others who don’t. We as black people are amongst the few groups of people whom were actually enslaved. Wasn’t my generation? True! Yet history has and continues to glance over, listen I’ve learned more about Lief Erikson and Chris Columbus in history then I did what happened to Africans and Indians in school, we didn’t touch on slavery until the week we had to watch roots after having to read Huckleberry Finn. in school you are lead to believe that the thanksgiving of then was a great feat to bring people together but not told it was an apology for genocide ( I do now believe the holiday is more about family than a minuscule gesture it was then) but as a black person am I a victim? Yes I am. It starts with the education system glossing over accomplishments of people who overcome extreme hardships (and that’s not solely just the black struggle)  maybe mention the people of whom this country was built on the backs of, and those whom were trampled over,  add to that a prison system that in the 13th  amendment is described as a legal form of slavery. It hurts me to mention the fact that many white people want us to just get over it. What hardship have you faced that made you so insensitive to that of anyone not like you? Was it the factory job your grandfather lost or the farm you had to abandon? Because on the other end of the spectrum people died, men women and children were separated from the families, property was taken from their ancestors by force and  humans were sold.

So fuck you, get over it. I promise I will begin to attempt to get over it when those of you who support the confederacy concede to the fact you lost the war so history or not your only flag should be the American, leave that lost battle and all its beliefs to the books in the library. As I sit here and my cursor blinks and on the days my mind races angered at how blind people can be, how intolerant, how naïve know that I am not asking you to jump on the front lines with the struggle of any other people if that’s not what you feel, I only ask that you sympathize, because when you sympathize you show that you acknowledge the suffrage. -Vonte


American Gangster

(before we start please excuse what grammatical errors I may have missed I suffer from dyslexia)

Look at the story in American Gangster the story of Frank Lucas a black man in Harlem that changed the drug game (now drugs are bad) but before he became the crime figure he is, his boss got his product from Italian mafia. What always baffles me about that story is the lead detective who lead the fight against Frank and his deadly product had a friend,  his sons godfather who was a high part of an organized crime family, so I  wonder was it that people were dying or that man of color was at the helm and making the most money that was the problem? We live in a country that idolized what it called organized crime we didn’t start it weren’t even considered whole as a people when it was. Giving crime the orginized title allowed it to go almost unborhered it started a history of cops ignoring, scared of, and participating in criminal activities it started the blue wall. I honestly feel one of the issues in the African American high crime communities isn’t fear of criminals it’s power over,  it is fear of being disrespected by the people in the community criminal and non. You can read about my feelings on guns legal and illegal all over my blog, but police officers shouldn’t be underpaid and should have to go thru constant anger management and mental evaluation processes. Like bi-weekly anger management and at least quarterly mental evaluation. You can’t take a bad attitude for things not related to work mix it with a power of authority, give them guns and expect that things will turn out ok just like you can’t expect that a community oppressed by drugs coming from somewhere, illegal guns coming from somewhere won’t have a problem with police and it’s own citizens.  

In some places let us be honest it is a gang (the blue wall) to police the gangs which just more proves that as human beings we are many easily frayed off our paths of being humane to each other not even sure of a decade in time we were at all. So you can’t pretend we have the only troubled communities Just as we can’t pretend there isn’t a problem neither explains what the innocent people caught in the middle born impoverished so they don’t have enough to move out need protection. While we are not pretending let us address that the white criminals make up more of the meth business have committed more mass murders are more likely your child’s schools’ drug suppliers Timothy McVeigh a bomber yet no one seems as afraid of your bad teens/adults your even portrayed in better light as having mental issues or troubled and as it relates to the KKK not even considered a terrorist group.. They don’t even like all white people.  Fix the demonization of African Americans fix the schools systems get the police help with other issues.-Vonte

I’m Numb to Police on Black Violence


(before we start please excuse what grammatical errors I may have missed I suffer from dyslexia)

As a black man I am ashamed to say that, I heard the news about Alton Sterling this morning just as most of us did, I didn’t really have a reaction hell it wasn’t until later in the day I actually saw the video. I feel ashamed because I shouldnt be numb to it, I should want to talk about it. Part of me not reacting is maybe I’m tired seeing it, aren’t you? Is it not sad?.. Disappointing?

There is no Police lives matter movement and you know why?  Because there doesn’t need to be, there is no all lives matter movement, because you all don’t truly feel that way, if all live matter than solders of the islamic state, theyre lives matter too. I have said this before and I do again with all due respect police do not fight a war not here in America, police clock in and out like you and me there needs to be some type of anger management daily for police everywhere, and as an officer if you’re not in the mood or right frame of mind then please don’t go to work, but you must stop taking it out on us.

Black Lives matter refers to the unarmed men and women dying at the hands of police. Need I remind you they captured Dylan Roof ( S.C. church shooter), they captured James Holmes (C.O. movie theater shooter) mass murderers captured alive but unarmed Eric Garner was killed, Freddie Gray killed, Alton brown clearly pinned on the ground by two officers killed. Fuck you and Ray Lewis and all other idiots that say black lives need to matter to black people, we aren’t the only people with issues, lives also need to matter to the drug dealer at your children’s school that provides your children with social drugs they overdose on, do not need, and clearly do not understand, to the white supremacy hate groups that even hate white people of a certain religion (so you can be white but can not have another religion) Ray Lewis needs to make a video to his collegaes about domestic violence and arent you alleged to have stabbed some one? This movement is for unarmed black people in police custody dying (not actively shooting or returning fire from police). As of today there are questions about wether or not Alton had a gun, that is fine it will come out either way but in the video it sure wasn’t pointed at anyone it sure wasn’t in his hand in the video he is on the ground two police on top of him when he is shot looks like the second cop was startled unaware and had to move out of the way, that is an execution there is no return of fire or control of the situation on Alton’s side as it seems at the time he was shot. The officer described Michael Brown (Ferguson MO. unarmed  victim as a “gorilla” I believe I heard, I also heard as a child holding onto Hulk Hogan) this is a police officer 6’4 210 lbs and in his vehicle vs an 18yr old man 6’4 292 and most importantly unarmed.

Listen I’m not asking you to care, I almost had no reaction but if you don’t agree there is a problem then I am telling you to shut the fuck up, stay in your world that is fine yet don’t post for help when something happens to someone in your family call your family your need help in fact call whom you need to notifiy directly because that like these past situatuions have nothing directly to do with me the differnce though is I see the problem.

lastly let me say… I had  no reaction because I am sick of it, I didn’t want to talk about it because it should not occur so often, hell so often in just a year. I was numb to it because I am scared and not noticing it means I can pretend it doesn’t happen but I keep being reminded that for my skin tone that just isn’t true. So please if for some reason you don’t see it, or just don’t get it, ask someone who does before you speak and if you don’t care at all then stay the fuck out of the discussion, because it damn sure deserves to be a movement, and if these men and women dying in police custody weren’t black, if they were your brother, sister, father etc. you’d think the same again these aren’t black people exchanging fire with police you can watch turn on Cops, TMZ, or go to YouTube and see people of all colors resisting arrest, some even armed so why are we dying. -Vonte


I Can’t Tell You Which Lie Hurts Worst

freddie gray

(before we start please excuse what grammatical errors I may have missed I suffer from dyslexia)


I’ve tried to stay away from the blog but crazy shit just keeps happening. So this time I need you to tell me why my vote actually matters, and I need you to make your point so that I can understand it. I’m going to talk about a couple of topics,  just bear with me here.

Before I go into my vote let me say this about the third and believed to be the most possible suspect in the Freddie Gray Murder/ sorry death in custody case. When you drop you child off at the bus stop they are at the care of the school district, god forbid let there be an accident. Now Freddie Gray was no child and this was no school, but this man was in police custody, in a police van and so far 3 of the six involved will not face charges.

Okay let me talk about my vote because you tell me it matters, I hear it so often,  as I understand it votes are first rated by what neighborhood, district, city then state you reside.  for instance I lived in the City of Chicago went to a downtown voting station because it was convenient, I worked downtown at this is still in the city of Chicago. Nope couldn’t vote there not my district. I go elsewhere do my diligence and the results come out, not enough people from the district that could evoke a change, do  ( because they anticipate your areas majority vote, unless there is a huge change your state votes the way it always did  and only gets a certain amount of delegates). So say a person like Trump becomes the nominee. Okay this I can get over, maybe more people just turned out to vote, then you hear about Super delegates, (sounds straight out of a comic book) lets say someone had those locked in before the campaign even began, so fight as you may other candidates this person pretty much won. Wait finally tell me why one of the leading candidates at the time, leading in all poles for that side came out and said out of their own mouth “the system is corrupt” you are in the lead sir what problems might there be?


Aright so screw all of that right? Lets talk gun control, the house democrats hosted a sit in (let me hold back my excitement for them making a difference) this sit-in was just to get a vote not guaranteeing either side of the argument just a conversation about, at best and the rest of the house walked out and started vacation. There may never be a change to our gun laws because of our 2nd amendment rights and what people believe, but why are citizens allowed to be more heavily armed than the average beat cop who is supposed to protect our streets? What was the old folks sit-in supposed to accomplish? These fools even turned off the cameras, sounds like game over to me.

So let me get this straight unless I and many others like me move to a state where there aren’t enough of me my vote doesn’t really matter for the presidential races, then you tell me change who represents my state “they are what matters” well those people can’t even get all their other co workers to come in to work for a vote, and until they are caught red-handed who keeps them honest these folks get contributions and gifts (add that and their earnings are similar to that of athlete salaries) all while in office, who’s to say it’s not for a favor later on? And where the hell do I vote for the super delegates?. Lastly when the hell did church and state become the same? and who’s church are we following?  So I ask you to explain to me in a way I can understand (because I am dyslexic) how my vote matters? Mind you I have to break everything down to store it in my head, it has to make sense for me and right now I don’t even understand how it makes sense to you.

So which lie is worst that my vote matters? or that there is equal justice? -Vonte





A Rant to the Fat Jewish


Wow really? Cause I’m confused fat Jewish, what did she do wrong? I’m tired of the whole controversy over the performance. I bet none of you knew what it was until the media told you, and those that are proud of what she did are proud because she choose to say something. Rich people don’t have to give 2 fucks about what goes on with us, and so what? The black power fist was about unity and self determination when drugs were introduced to our committees and our people were selling there souls there was no anti-police movement, all who feel it was, feel guilty about what the police did to people of color back then Rudy Giuliani.! And for the rest of the trolls what differs the black power fist from the confederate flag is the flag was a symbol of an oppressed people and a lost war no one still flies the USSR flag in the Soviet Union. Lastly mr Fat Jewsih I wonder had this been about the holocaust would it have bothered you the same? -Vonte.