Shop Talk

The Hard Truth About iPhone, For The Average Consumer


It has always been the most overhyped device in the wireless industry. Since before the release of the very first iPhone industry smartphones have been able to access the web and have had an application store. Apple did reinvent the way we use the touch screen they threw the most known, majorly successful capacitive touch screen on a phone (and made the operating system simple,) but like every other devices’ tech since iPhone (one) they weren’t the first to do it they were just the first with a major ad campaign.

So fine if it’s not on television, or endorsed by stars who needs it? Wait they get paid for that and likely don’t pay for it at all. Okay marketing is a big deal I can accept that, but why is it that apple is the only company that can come out with last years technology and charge you more for it? I have seen many of you same people with little technical knowledge haggle for a computer or a car because of specs. Mobile tech isn’t that important you say but then why do iOS fanboys and girls defend it until they get that last years tech this year. I have actually had more than a handful of people say to me “if Apple doesn’t make it I don’t need it”…. Wow that’s a commitment, well then grab your Beats headphones that have the bestest sound ever of anything ever and rock on with you old tech phone (is what I should say) but usually at that point in the conversation I just walk away and do not ever talk to that person again. From the first to the end of the 4s you’ve purchased the most easily breakable phone out there and now if you go 6 Plus your phone could just bend they spent so much time making the device the biggest thing since the Dell Streak they didn’t even bother to build a sturdy frame, you can’t fix that with a software update.

Oh well cheers to the device that even the wireless carrier that still has tech support in store will not touch for repairs like a broken screen and your told no matter where you got it from you have to take it to Apple… Luckily they have physical locations shouldn’t your money come with a higher standard?
Whatever stand in line spend hours on end i store waiting for a phone or to get your contacts and pictures back funny thing is don’t you back that stuff up? You go thru this ever time you switch to the new Apple guess they should do commercials on how to successfully keep your stuff from one to the other hell it’s the same product. -Vonte

In-between Cuts – Wahl 5 Star Razor/Edger


It’s been less than a week since your shape-up but more than enough time for stubble to show, and wouldn’t it figure there is a fresh concert or show coming up and well you want to look you best. A man is less of a man without his tools and in your tool kit you should have a Razor Edger, I’ve been using this for at least 8 months now only in-between cuts when needed and it does the job every time, when I need to clean up the goatee, neck or sideburns I’m using the Razor Edger.

Small, lightweight with a small blade and runs quiet. The first thing you want to do when you pull this out of the package is read the instructions on how to use the included blade adjust tool (I even did a YouTube search on blade adjusting) and make that adjustment for the perfect lines then plug it in and you’re in business, the package even includes  3 T-shaped attachments for beard trimming. -Vonte

Shop Talk – The Blowout (Taper)

Blowout cut is a type of haircut that involves a fade or actual taper on the sides of the head, by the temple, and back of the head leaving usually more hair at the top for the person to style.

Most of you may be familiar with Pauly D from “Jersey Shore” or Roh from “Growing up Gotti” both of which rock the blowout cut, a simple clean (with the exception of the stuff they use in the top of their hair) and quick cut. -Vonte

Not hot: Ray J’s, (uuh Brandy’s little brother’s) new haircut

If you’re not female your probably barely remember who this is but, Brandy’s little brother has a new haircut, and its the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen since anything Coolio did with his hair, from the man who made Kim K. famous. Shouts out first of all, to all the barbers out that can draw in a mans head it’s and art form and I respect you for that, but back to the people who let them do so, Really? unless your Balrog from Street Fighter or Blade who are all fictional, then stop the madness. Ray J your head looks like one of the element containers from the Fifth Element, or Half man half A – maze – thing. Truth is someone around him should have said “okay that’s cool if you going to and Atlanta hair show, but come on man”, and to that i would add how old are you? with respect to the fact that he make way more than I do and doesn’t to need a job where image matters jut cut it out, literally.

Hair should be a compliment to your fashion, and your face not an exclamation point like a puss filled pimple right on the center of your nose hopefully you will learn, get your head right. -Vonte

The Ceaser

Caesar – Refers to the short hair cut, even all over and can range from dark to light named after Julius Caesar whom was frequently depicted sporting a low-cut, one of the best cuts for waves because there is no fade or temp of the hair i.e. more room for waves in the ocean. Since the term applies more to the length of hair then the actual cut the photo actually shows a Caesar with a line or shape up, to refer to the actual sharp lining of the front sides and back of the head.

Light Caesar

Pictured left is a Light Caesar (with a lining). Now the lining itself, if done correctly should be edged up with a straight razor to give you those defined fresh lines clean up those edges front to back.

Another variation of the Caesar, would be with a Temp which is where your sides are tempered, leaving the majority of the hair top, crown, and most of the sides are dark then as it leads to the sideburns and back of the neck are noticeable lighter (picture a Fade just not as high and not all around in a straight line). so there you have it The Caesar, this writers cut of choice because its 2011 and I’ve been over the Fade, but we will talk about that later. -Vonte