The Shoes Have It

Adidas C-10. Young Fresh and New



Before I blab on, this August Adidas is releasing the first fresh idea I have seen in over a decade the Adidas C-10 $90 with this sneaker I feel they totally recreated the three stripe brand and have made another real classic.
Here is a link for more design details from the story .

I must say I am excited for this shoe, excited for fresh idea there really hasn’t been one in the sneaker industry for over a decade sorry Jeremy Scott and not sorry at all Nike, (the flystepper 2k was close but seemed to have been done before and in fact they favored Kanye’s Louboutin). So bravo Adidas I will be coping this. -Vonte

What Do Mars Blackmon And President Obama Have In Common?

“Is it the shoes?”  Spike Lee Presents President Obama Chicago native and Bulls fan, with a special edition, Jordan Spiz’ike Bordeaux and in a presidential box no less. The shoes set for public release in February were presented to the nations most powerful Bulls fan by New York’s most famous Jordan fan renowned director Spike Lee. As we already know Mr. Obama already has game, you’ve seen the White House pickup ball games, and well, anyway you personally feel about what he’s doing, you’ve gotta admit “he’s one bad mutha shut your mouth”, so to add to his swagger our President now owns a one of one custom box with exclusive new J’s and before their release. Too cool, pictures of the shoes and the event below. -Vonte

Feast your Eyes

Nike Air Yeezy 2

The Nike Air Yeezy 2, No more blurry pictures, no more guessing (as if to say you sneaker heads weren’t going to get them anyway) well the exception of the tentative release date that is has blessed us with some photos with dramatic detail.  From what we know so far March 23 2012 the proposed release date, get your sleeping bags and tents ready, the Yeezy’s shown sport the  Black/Pink/Mint colorway features a premium croc-skin material on the upper with a molded heel, yet still let you light up the dance floor if you dare wear them to the club.  But enough of me yapping here’s what you want to see. -Vonte




Hyperfuse by Nike

Just when you think there is nothing new under the sun, the sneaker companies are trying once again for new and original ideas. This year Nike steps out of the darkness with Hyperfuse Technology, fusing a functional stable outer skin, with a lightweight breathable layer of mesh. Hyperfuse brings a refresh to many of Nike’s already famous classic designs, (Nike Air Max 90, Air Max 1, Dunk, AF1 etc) The fusion causes a new outlined look that goes beyond and without the heavy materials and upper stitching, not staying with the lines but creating in most cases whole new ones. Look for these and other now and throughout the summer. -Vonte

Air Yeezy 2 brings us a fresh preview of the Nike Air Yeezy 2 during his performance at Coachella 2011, the kicks sport what appears to be a croc-like or skinned pattern leather upper accented by perhaps a foamposite type material and a funky midsole, with the front sporting a forefoot strap and the Yeezy logo on the tongue, say what you will about they first pair they became an instant classic to be forever copied.

I’ll be honest I’m hoping for some better images what I’m seeing here doesn’t excite me the photo below that was shot from the top makes the shoe look like it wears easily almost like his toes are sticking up under the toe-cap. I won’t write them off yet just hope they change that before the release. Well that and I hope that I won’t have to camp outside of some store a week in advance to get a pair, I have a tough schedule doggonit, I work. -Vonte

Yeezy's left and I believe the Louis Vitton Kanye release on the right

Kanye is back at it

If you haven’t already heard Nike and Kanye West will do the dance once more. In short feature film for The Black Mamba (Kobe Bryant’s alter ego) Yeezy is rocking what will be his second venture with Nike the Air Yeezy 2 (worn on his feet). Kanye rocked the block off of sneaker culture with his first endeavor, they went on sale on a Saturday and where no longer available before the start of the week.

They join the ranks of Nike’s “Pigeon” and “what the dunk” as the most rare and most wanted kicks in sneaker culture. No word on release dates nor more detailed pictures so keep your eyes open if your interested and start saving Now. -Vonte


Duck Boots, by Nike?../Hot

You know eventually your going to run out of reasons to tell my I can’t wear sneakers. NIke is releasing an Air Force 1 duck boot featuring premium leather uppers with waterproof toebox areas styled after the thermoplastic boot toes. A wool collar and thermal inner liner are sure to keep the foot warm while a rugged weather-ready outsole will help you navigate through the harshest conditions. Looking to hit stores in the states some time soon. Keep your eyes open for them. -Vonte

Nike Statue of Liberty SB dunk /Hot

Love NY? I know I do, and so does Nike coming out in February Nike will release the Statue of Liberty dunk, a symbol of freedom, iconic landmark for the city that never sleeps the “Big Apple”. The Nike SB Dunk High ‘Statue of Liberty’ features a sea-green upper just like Lady Liberty, but the upper is treated in such a way that if normal wear and tear from skating will reveal a bronze and silver under-layer, mimicking the erosion seen on the 19th-century statue (below). The tongue label also features a special logo taking after the trademark spiked crown seen at the head of the statue.

WTF that’s hot: when the sneaker wears it coated to turn like the statue bronzes and wears, sneaker addicts and novelty collectors alike should be in line for a pair (or two). Keep your ear to the streets for actual release date. -Vonte

Statue of Liberty with wear


Adidas x Burton

Snow much where your from? how about stomping through the snow in a pair of these? A collaboration between Adidas and Burton snowboard shop according to Burton’s Facebook page “Originally inspired by mid 90’s Burton Freestyle boots, this high-cut winter boot features a vulcanized, rubber outsole and fur lining to keep you warm and dry. Bonus molded key zip pocket.”  These boots look pretty hot currently available at both select Adidas Originals and Burton Flagship Stores. Now I’m not sure how bad you weather is or if you snowboard but I expect to see a quite a few people wearing these. – Vonte

Swiss Beats x Reebok =? brings us a sneak peek at a rather interesting collaboration between Reebok, and Swiss Beats not set to hit stores until 2011. Equipped with a big tongue, and a rather interesting midsole, sort of makes me feel like they have finally created A Marty McFly future sneaker (sorry Nike) I’ll be interested to see when these hit the market what they can do for Reebok. As normal No Skinny Jeans! with these (or in general if you’re a man) unless you want to look like Frankenstein. Defiantly has my interests, well see you next year Swizzy. -Vonte