Tiger Woods award

And The Tiger Award Goes Too..

Michael Strahan


So your being inducted to the hall of fame and on your special day your fiancé calls off the engagement. Brother you fcuked up, how angry does your woman have to be to announce a breakup of a very public relationship on what would be a very important day for you. Formally engaged to Nicole Murphy. (Can I pause and say two things I know for sure in my heart? Eddie Murphy has fantastic taste in women Tracy Edmonds, Mel B, and Nicole Murphy, to name a few. But he sure can’t seem to keep them). Nicole at 46 has to go down in at least one version of the dictionary listed as the definition of fine, and there are just some forms of beauty you don’t cheat on, y’all having issues start talking about swinging see if she’s into that, ask for a hall pass, but don’t cheat. Mr. Strahan this Tigers’ for you. -Vonte

P.S. look at Nicole sheesh. FYI I don’t need to win any arguments babe


And the Tiger goes too..

Normally the Tiger Woods award goes to someone who commits infidelity in marriage or a serious relationship, but special situations and consideration has been given to this issues winner Charlie Sheen (for he and his wife are separated, and while there have been no reports of sex with these women, these aren’t drunken house parties with the Two And A Half Men cast or other members of the Screen Actors Guild-SAG). You sir have a problem.

You could have never told me being addicted to porn is a problem before I heard about Kirk Franklin and his addiction, and yet you have taken what I’ve heard of Mr. Franklin’s issue with pornography and out-done him ten fold. If I am to believe the stories of any of these ladies you have partied with, you have an open house that you want to move porn stars in and start a porn family, That kind sir is where it would seem that you do have a problem, at the least just too much money that you would like to give away. Charlie take it from the rappers and just go to a strip club and let it rain, or better yet give it to a struggling artist/writer like myself, if for no other reason than the fact that I wont tell any stories of what I may have seen you do. -Vonte

And the Tiger goes too..

Julian Assange accepts his Tiger

The man responsible for leaking some of the countries most damaging secrets has two of his own.. Currently turning himself into Swedish officials, for, an allegation of rape, with one woman and sexual harassment with another, all over a weekend visit to Sweden during the week of August 14 2010 One weekend a two-day visit. Now as the chargers at the time are just alleged I don’t want to slander America’s most wanted hacker, I’d just like to say to Julian, “seems like you had a busy weekend brother, party like a rock star”.  This award is for you. -Vonte

Bishop Eddie Long.. You’ve just won the Tiger Woods Award

Pastor of  The New Birth Ministry Baptist Church.

For those who do not know the “Tiger” goes to those of you out there wildly committing infidelity be you married (like the Pastor here) or just out of control (like Kat Stacks). This weeks winner is a very special character, he is being accused of doing deeds that would land him on NBC’s To Catch A predator, considering he mentored some of the young men before the age of legal consent in Atlanta (16).  On September 21, and 22nd three separate lawsuits were filled against Pastor Long alleging that he coerced three separate young men into a sexual relationship with him. They claim Long brought them cars and other gifts. One in particular claims that when the pastor took him on trips out of the country that they even shared a bed.

This from a man whom hosted Anti-Gay rally’s and stated that gay people are children of the devil. A messenger of god as I would assume he has said at one time or another, well it takes a special kind of pervert to even “quote the Holy Scripture to justify and support his sexual activity.

Bishop this one is for you -Vonte *special thanks to Lanell and Diddy*

And the Tiger goes to…

Jesse Jackson Jr. It’s been a while and I apologize but it’s hard to find good candidates for such a prestigious award. Jackson, potential Chicago mayoral candidate is accused of not only trying to buy a Senate seat here in Chicago, but recently of having an affair with a Washington D.C. restaurant hostess Giovanna Huidoboro.(pictured above)

Jackson’s wife released a statement as reported by Chicago’s ABC 7 News: “Today’s public disclosure is not new and is one that my family and I have been privately addressing for two years. Therefore, I would hope that the public and the media will respect our family’s right to continue to handle this matter privately.”

Like father like son -Vonte. -Diddy

And the Tiger goes to…

George Lopez. Turns out the late night host has been sleeping with ladies of the evening, (chopping down hookers) and one in particular Tiffany, has some text messages she decided to put out there.  Like our very first winner of the Tiger Wood Award, (Ray-J) this girl is claiming Lopez Smashed the homies, says he wanted a threesome and also has the texts to prove it, Tough part is Lopez, who is married received a kidney from his wife, so you can go as far to say she saved his life.  Source Bossip. -Vonte

And the Tiger goes too…

Kat Stacks.  This girl claims to have ran through your favorite rappers (yours not mine) Young Money, Weezy, Nelly etc. Stacks has taken it further than Superhead, with the digital age and YouTube, she’s can be seen talking about size, how much she was paid, how whack their house was, oh and she even put a few rappers phone numbers out there.  Now I’m not sure if this girl is truly official or just an attention whore, but as she says in one of her videos there is no such thing as bad publicity.

You have to hear for yourself, listening to this girl talk reminds me of why I wish people out there as well-educated as rapper Luke (formerly of 2 Live Crew) should not be allowed to speak to media, or anywhere people gather.  Check out the audio of her being confronted by Nelly (who is claiming she is lying) and decide for your self. -Vonte

And the Tiger goes too..

Jesse James gets the Tiger Woods award for his highly publicised affair with Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, web porn star/stripper with whom Jesse had an affair with. In and interview with E McGee says “its hard being the most hated person in america, It’s easy to target someone who looks different”.  Michelle goes on to say that Jesse told her they were separated, and I somewhat agree that she’s being targeted because only freaks tattoo their faces (Lil Wayne and others) their affair is not why i don’t like her. My dislike for McGee is the fact that she’s taking pictures like this –

Jesse (and others) sex addiction is not a scape goat for infidelity man up to it and face your problems, then try marriage counseling if the two of you want to work it out. And lastly to Michelle McGee for reasons unrelated to the “Tiger” if this is how you roll then I hope you choke on a.. well you figure it out. -Vonte