I’m tired of seeing these new slaves posts


The caption read “some people will buy J’s before they pay their bills… And that’s the chain if you ask me”. 

First let me say I don’t own a pair of Jordan’s don’t much care for there style, but I am a sneaker head (collector) this offends me.  So people who buy J’s are slaves? I say that because there are always bills to pay. First off I find that a little sexist most women can wear kids sizes and those aren’t that expensive second Jordan’s in general are not that expensive a single pair retails less than $140 in most cases. But let’s talk more about this slaves thing, that Hermes purse, those Jimmy Choo’s or Louboutin’s shoes you have isn’t that the same? Or worse? These bags/shoes go upward in the thousands. How’s your credit score what property do you own?  That car your paying for doesn’t count till you own it how’s that payment and auto insurance going?

Aren’t we all then slaves to something I know people that will give there last on weed or tobacco before they eat, men and women. Kanye called us New Slaves but he wants his line to go high fashion so he can sell it to us. So would we not be slaves when you go high fashion Kanye?  I’ll quote ‘The Wire’ here “you want it to be one way”.  Instead of calling us slaves to everything you don’t understand how about teach just one person the importance of money management and tell them to pass it on to someone else.


Selassie I, Power Of The Trinity

Salute to all my West Indian and African readers, some time next month Casio will drop the Casio G Shock GD100-4JF Rastafarian. at select retailers so keep your ears to the streets, and if you don’t already know the Red is for the bloodshed, the Green for the vegetation/land, the Gold is for the richness of the people/culture, and the Black is for the people. -Vonte