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A message to Jermey Scott and Adidas

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STOP,  or at least slow it down.  Five years ago when the collection launched you had me, it was the coolest and most original sneaker collaborations since Yamamoto and Adidas at a time when no major brands had anything new you constantly stepped up to the plate.  But your killing it now going too far its like there are so many wings and teddy bears out there that you can’t tell real from fake and house shoes from sneakers. Had to be the first pair of Teddy’s where I looked at the line like “Jeremy must be bored”, but yet the shoes kept coming.  I applaud your creativity just want you to hit the pause button, maybe it just to much of a good thing, with the exception of a few pair of Wings in my opinion  the others are kinda trashy,  that may sound harsh but I’ve seen people actually try to wear these and it just doesn’t work. -Vonte

Sony Introduces the Smart Watch (Hot)

Have and Android phone? Tired of taking it out of your purse or pocket to check your messages, or twitter feed when you need to be discreet? Then this could be for you Sony’s SmartWatch will allow you to read text and email messages, check your social updates, control music, manage calls, and even download specific apps from the Google Play store all without taking out your phone just tap, touch, and swipe your way through it.

The watch sports a 1.3 in display connects to your phone via Bluetooth and has available changeable bands, so that next time your in a meeting, board at the library, or on public transportation and don’t want everybody in your business, get a SmartWatch available now at select retailers and on the Sony website for $150. -Vonte

May I Have Your Attention Ladies!


There is nothing, you can put on that would make “boot sandals” look good. There is nothing flattering about them at all you have to choose one or the other, there are no situations where wearing any combination of the “boot sandal” is sexy in any way I have been searching since I have seen these horrible things hit the fashion scene and in all instances it just makes your outfit seem so bargain basement.  “Boot sandals” are a failed accident that never should have been like grown men sagging there pants. -Vonte

this is what we see

Hot: Meister x Voltron

Meister special edition

Voltron with anything is cool enough for me, but as a fan of the show and mens accessories especially watches, inner geek-dum and old age is once again cool.  Watch maker Meister collaborated with the iconic Voltron to bring the lions out from there dens.

Sporting a Bezel of stainless steel, water-resistant up to 100 meters dual layer watch dial with luminous markings, a composite band and a scratch resistant mineral crystal lens in the colors of the Voltron Lions watches show priced at $160 Meister Watches . It’s no secret bold colors are in so whether you a fan of the show or just into sporty watches, check out these and other other cool collections Meister has to offer. -Vonte

Theres nothing new under the sun

Lets be truthful as a female rapper Nicki Minaj is mediocre, I have no idea beyond pay for play as to why radio plays Superbass and Right thru me.  But you cannot deny the marketing mogul shes becoming, the said truth is useless talent is getting smarter and smarter these days.

Nicki and her management team have read that book on how to make yourself relevant, and are doing it step by step. Now I may not know they exact order but let me lay out some of those steps. (excuse me if I offend anyone)

1.  you want to sell product, appeal to all groups, underground Nicki wasn’t popular until rumors that she was bisexual (started cause she signs boobs) and although she came out to say that the rumors aren’t true she from then on claimed she has respect for the LBGT community (may have been true from the beginning I’m just saying convent) Kids love Nicki little girls want to look and act just like here (hide your kids)

2. Speak on different issues but never really be saying anything

3. ( 3 and 4 are specific to females) be seen in the most ridiculous loud hair styles out there because you can’t just show up you have to be noticed from Madonna to GAGA (whom the latter I don’t care for) you learn that no publicity is bad publicity

4. Wear the Most ridiculous clothing you can find, same reason

and finally

5. And this one seem to work well for anyone that’s not Kanye, say some out-of-pocket stuff at inappropriate times and places and get away with it.

there are more steps but I already said too much to the others out there that hadn’t quite figured out why they like Nicki and others so much so figure it out on you own. oh do i miss the days of on hit wonders and those that go away after there fifteen minutes is up. -Vonte

Lenny is Killing it..(Hot)

Lenny Kravits seen out in the streets with an iconic handset for his phone. Lenny is always on his fashion game taking men’s fashion to new height no less here, learn something do something different skinny jeans off you butt wearing dudes. Before you start to see people out and about with this headset know that they weren’t the first to make it fresh, you saw it round the country on Lenny first.  That said here’s a link to get your own Retro handset (just don’t let me see you out there talking about you made it) -Vonte


Word of warning, that link is for a phone that takes a 2.4 mm headset, iPhone and most others today are 3.5mm so check before you buy or it will be useless (without and adapter).


Spring is in the imaginary air…

If it gets any colder, or snows anymore, I swear I’m going to move to Figi! At least I have all the lovely fashion to keep me company.  This year’s spring fashion is all about Now and Laters and Getting Naked.

More specifically the tone on tone nude look and bright neon colors. While I have tried the nude look and ended up looking, well naked and not in a good way (like a naked person that needed bronzer on her clothes), I am looking forward to neons.

Neons say, look at me, I can rock orange pants and still look good.  I am NOT shy about color or style and basically I rock. Just be sure to have only one piece on with a solid neon color, or one accessory with muliti-colors like a scarf.  We do not need a revival of cross colors. Ky

Nike Statue of Liberty SB dunk /Hot

Love NY? I know I do, and so does Nike coming out in February Nike will release the Statue of Liberty dunk, a symbol of freedom, iconic landmark for the city that never sleeps the “Big Apple”. The Nike SB Dunk High ‘Statue of Liberty’ features a sea-green upper just like Lady Liberty, but the upper is treated in such a way that if normal wear and tear from skating will reveal a bronze and silver under-layer, mimicking the erosion seen on the 19th-century statue (below). The tongue label also features a special logo taking after the trademark spiked crown seen at the head of the statue.

WTF that’s hot: when the sneaker wears it coated to turn like the statue bronzes and wears, sneaker addicts and novelty collectors alike should be in line for a pair (or two). Keep your ear to the streets for actual release date. -Vonte

Statue of Liberty with wear

Source SneakerNews.com

What’s the worst thing to for stupidity?

Encourage it.  Not Hot, inventor Andrew Lewis says men wearing their jeans between the waist and knees is a trend that isn’t going anywhere, so he created Subs to make the sagging trend easier for men who struggle to keep the waist of their trousers where they want. Part suspenders part garter belt they are designed to keep the pants from falling while sagging.

While I do tend to agree the trend (I hate to call it that) isn’t necessarily going away, truth is ignorance never really does, but if you don’t encourage it fades into darkness.  I talk about this over and over and I will till I’m blue in the face, its gay (for lack of a better word no offense to the gay and lesbian community) your walking around showing and providing easy access to your backdoor. I understand you want to rebel, you don’t want to be told what to do but really! Really tell me when your walking around and see another or even a group of dudes with their butts showing, you don’t think about that? when you give you homeboy that high-five hug your not worried about touching his intimates.

The true problem with sagging is guys these days don’t know their pants size, don’t try on before they by, and evidently don’t like tightening those big weak cliché belt buckles they do wear. Ladies you need to stand up and start telling the guys that stuff isn’t cute, be more like Riley from Boondocks. I’ve said enough. -Vonte

Fresh outta jail and still won’t pull up his pants

Lil Wayne appears with Drake on stage, in Las Vegas for “Miss Me”, still with his pants at his thighs, Not Hot. You’d think eights months of being locked up would change a habit like that, then I’m reminded that jail is where it started easy access, you do still remember he kissed Baby in the mouth. I’d like to quote Wayne’s verse from “Miss Me” to express how I feel about seeing a grown mans underwear, “Erghhhh, that’s nasty”. -Vonte